Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's MT

So it's Margarita Thursday....and there will be all sorts of comings and goings because people will be arriving and leaving at different times....that's okay!! I'll get to enjoy a lot of company!! With my new meds...only one glass of sangria for I'll sip it slowly. But I've never been one that needs to drink to enjoy it's all good! And I'm feeling a lot more energetic than I have it several months so it's worth it!

Hmmm....shall I take a deck or two with me?..yes...yes I think the Alice cards will do nicely...and maybe hmmmm.....I'm not sure...perhaps Wild Wisdom of the Faeries. We are heading to El Jimadors tonight.. the ORIGINAL location of MT....lately we have been rotating to different spots.

We need to compare notes for our NEXT night time ghost hunt....November 13th....Friday the 13th....YIKES. I'm not sure I'm up for it...last time was a little too much excitement for me. I'm sure there will plenty of other things to talk about also....

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