Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Full Moon

This afternoon...I'll put up a little post about last night's Boo Bash....but I've yet to get the pictures uploaded and what is a Boo Bash post without some pics? In the meantime...I'm going to do some musings about the November Full Moon...

I've a bit of an interest in lore involving the moon and full moons in particular...I've read a tad here and there but not intensively...and not with a deep astrology base...I get lost in all that....this is just a little personal interest in the moon and stories, lore, history, beliefs etc about the moon.

Pretty common knowledge that things are suppose to go "crazy on a full moon"...some call it lore but many of it out in our daily lives...there is some energy involving a full moon...that brings out a bit of looniness...if not full blowen insanity...!!! If you think about it on a simple common sense makes sense....if the moon can affect the OCEANS...entire bodies of water...why mightn't they have influence on a mere human being who is made up of 65-90% water in the cells of the human body?

The November Full Moon goes by many names...The Beaver Moon, The Sassafras Moon, The Frost Moon, The Trading Moon, The White Moon (Chinese), The Dark Moon (Celtic) and The Snow Moon....I'm sure there are others and each comes with either a common sense reason (Native American Names) 0r a story or cultural reason for the name.

It is interesting to note that the influence or the energy of a full moon extends to a few days before to a few days after....some note it as three days before, the day of, and then three days one full week. Some believe that each full moon is a different source of energy or a time for meditation or reflection about certain aspects of life and personal growth. November is noted for a time of letting go of those things that need to be released and holding on to those things that are worthy of our attention.

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Foster said...

I am very glad you put this blog up. We talked about it at Boo Bash. I find the meaning of the Nov. Full moon interesting...A time of releasing or letting go...hmmm fitting very fitting.

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