Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Mar Mar.

Well I know you have probably heard of the Ya Ya Sisterhood BUT have you ever heard of the Sisterhood of the Mar Mar? Well I'll share a little information of the Mar Mars with you but there are many secrets of the Sisterhood which will remain just that...SECRETS...

Last year a group of us started a fun tradition called the January was an overnight party (at a hotel) where we celebrated our journey through the decades since there are women of all ages in our little "group". It was great fun and we vowed to do it every year. However this year one of us, Barb, will be deployed to Afghanistan in early waiting until January just wasn't an option....hence we had January Journey (in December).
The Sisterhood of the Mar Mar (a combination of YaYa Sisterhood, Fuzzy Ducks, and Margarita Thursdays) came into being because we wanted a little ceremony or something special for Barb to think about when the going gets tough...So I wrote a script and we each invented our own head dresses and thought of an object to give to part of the ceremony...Some of it was goofy and funny, some was serious, and some was sentimental. But most of all it was a blast!!!
Because we each invented out own things we could bring a little of our own personalities into the ceremony. I dressed as the Faery Queen with tulle head dress and presented a magical aery wand for casting magical spells or slapping someone upside the head if they are not listening...along with a faery wishes doll....where you write down your wish and out it in her little purse and your wish will come true. Everybody had one...a puzzle picture frame because the Mar Mar Sisters are like a puzzle...we need each piece to be complete. A Cup of Happiness to be filled with good things, a harmonica for music wherever she goes, a cup of special Mar Mar writing instruments for keeping in touch, a dolphin (don't ask) and wipes and a shuffle for cleaning up while in the desert, and a Missouri Back Scratcher (a pinecone).
So say the Sisters of the Mar was a secret ceremony so I'll stop with the details (plus most only mean something to us because they are based on our adventures). Suffice to say...there were tears, and laughter, and craziness....but could one expect less? The Sisterhood of the Mar Mar is quite unique and one awesome group!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parties & Talking & Other Stuff

It's that time of the year where parties abound....time to make decisions about which events to attend, which to skip, and which to host!

Parties are like people's personalities. Each one has its own flavor, energy level and meaning. There are the family parties, sweet and full of memories. There is an illusive quality to them...sort of a dejavu. Repeated yearly, with only a slightly different cast of characters as some pass on and new babies are added. There are staff parties, where you catch just a glimpse of a different side of those you work with. Sometimes it is a refreshing twist to a personality you may see as "too serious". Or perhaps it is a level of "wild" that you only thought existed in the pages of adult magazines. Then there are those gatherings that include your closet and dearest friends...those take on a surreal quality....where you wonder how you could survive life without this group of totally remarkable people.

In your life, when you think about those choices....which to attend, which to skip, and which to host....may you always be ready to open your heart and home to those you love the most...and the ones that love you too....through everything imaginable on this journey through life!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Alone in the Woods

Standing in the stillness of the woods, surrounded by the mist, it's easy to seek answers to questions that appear as wispy as the mist. What is waiting in the dark shadows of your mind?What lurks in deep crevices? Is it simply the unknown or something more sinister?

Not a pretty...nice Christmasy thought...evil? Yet when we travel the path of life we encounter many things that "aren't pretty." The Christmas Story itself is not all light and love. For immediately upon the birth of Christ, those who wanted to destroy him began to seek him out, not to examine or embrace what he had to offer but itstead to destroy it. I really don't think it was out of hate....instead I believe it was out of fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of a miracle that could so quietly slip into the world, so innocently touch the souls of others, pure and weak....a babe in the arms of its mother. What a unique and nonthreatening way to introduce God's love, to those who may doubt, or search, or hunger for answers.

I know there are those that read this blog, that do not have the same spiritual beliefs as I do. I accept that and do not judge or condemn those beliefs. For the more I discover, the more I wonder if the higher power, has not devised a plan of multiple ways to reach the journey's end. But on this night, so close to the holiday that we use to signify the birth of Christ, I feel drawn to write about it.

For wrapped up in the Christmas story are all the aspects of the life's journey. The innocent vulnerability of a baby, the greed, fear, and hunger for power of those seeking to destroy the light, the enlightenment of education, the power of stories told by those living the story, the mistakes and false starts. The acceptance of the quest, the loss of faith, the weakness of humanity, the "gang" mentality easily evoked, the bonds of those with a similar purpose. All woven into the story of the Christ Child. A life, short by today's standards but in those years...a life path well traveled with lasting impact.

So I leave you with this thought....standing alone in the woods, with the shadows, the mist, the quietness and your own inner thoughts. When you fade from this life, will your life path be one well traveled? What will the impact of your days on this earth be? For trust me...there will be an impact....whether you choose to recognize it or not.

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