Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Some Ramblings

I don't want all of Ginger's Journey to be consumed with the 52 Weeks of Life Makeover so I decided to pop in and give some undates on life in general and some of my areas of interest specifically.

Blogging: Most of you have noticed I haven't been blogging as much lately. You know sometimes on this journey through life things get off kilter and such has been the last few months. Nothing major....just time consuming and hard to find the time and inspiration to write. Never fear...things are righting themselves and I look forward to sharing many adventures with you in 2010.

Ghost Hunting: One word on this one: WEATHER....just not much fun to be out ghosting in freezing weather....I know the ghosts don't care but I do. We have several new sites to check out as soon as warmer weather heads out way.

Entertaining: The next big event on our agenda is a Chinese New Years Eve party on Saturday February 13th....

Work: Oh the things I could write and the places I could go with this topic but .....(sigh) is impossible.

Well, I'm going head to another blog and update it a take care and be kind...I'll be back here again this week with some more updates!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week Four: The Challenge

Week Four of 52 weeks has to do with keeping a journal. Making yourself hand write at least three pages every morning. I am positive that writing is a wonderful way to gain insight and to deepen one's own personal journey....BUT I also know myself and my limitations....I'm a writer and I still enter "dry" phases as I have here at Ginger's Journey...time when either creativity or energy just make it impossible to write...and therefore I will not committ to this particular Challenge in the Makeover....instead...I will make my own...and that is:

For 2010, I will move forward in bringing things to fruitation...things I need to do, things I dream of doing, big things, small things, all sort of things...I will move from merely writing and reflecting about them to actually DOING THEM...we shall see!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Lost Self

Fragments of self
Discovered in books,
In ocean waves
In hooka bars
In sunsets and summer days.

Pieces of soul
Tucked neatly
Into songs
Into roadtrips
Into stories collected.

Puzzle pieces
Claimed in victory
In conversations
Tears and laughter
Journeys of self.

Random keys
Unlocking inner doors
Dreams and drama
Moonlight and madness
Dancing across the stage of life.

Archive of Self
Soul files
Stored in the pages of life
Blow off the dust
Open the file.

G. Schenck Copyright Jan. 2010

Week Three: Finding Your Lost Self

Week Three of the 52 weeks Life Makeover (Based on the book by Cheryl Richardson)

Week Three: Finding Your Lost Self

"When you're in solitary confinement, and you're six feet under without light, sound, or running water; there's no place to go but inside. And when you go inside you discover that everything that exists in the universe is also within you." Rubin Carter

So this week, the main idea is to discover self. To examine who you are and what you stand for. This is a huge undertaking and quite honestly can last a life time. The main idea is to make time for yourself. Time to remove yourself from the busy world and just "be." In addition, it's importnat to honor the "me" time because it is so easy to push it to the side and fill it with other things when life gets hectic and fast paced. This solitary should not always be filled with reading, and other activities. It should be a quiet reflective time. A time of rest and meditation.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week Two: The Goal

Week Two: New Year, New You!

"The world rewards those who take responsibility for their own success."
Curt Gerrish

The purpose of week two is to single out a goal to embrace and work toward in 2010. This goal should be internal in nature. One that will help you develop personally or strengthen your character. There are several things you can do with your goal. Post in around your house (next to your mirror or put it on your desk) to remind yourself to "live" your goal. You can also journal about where you are in relation to your goal or set three small action steps each week that will move you forward with this goal. Some examples of goals that fit the criteria are things like: Be more adventureous, or be open minded, or be grateful etc. This reminded me of our custom of picking a word for the year. So I will focus on my word for the year in my journal entry.

My Goal: Serendipity...recognize it, live it, embrace it.

I have started seeking quotations or ideas that examine or embrace the idea of serendipity. One that I found most profound was ...

"One aspect of serendipity to bear in mind is that you have to be looking for something in order to find something else.”

Think about we journey through life we must continue to be an active participant, we must continue to explore and can't find an "unepxected outcome" if you aren't looking at all. In other words LIVE!!!

In the past I did not always embrace "unexpected outcomes"....I mean who does ...REALLY.....if you have your mind and heart set in one direction and something totally unexpected happens...I think it is hard to really "see" the unepxected outcome as something positive...(and of course sometimes it isn't) There are many times though when the outcome is just what was needed....something better in some way then what we thought we wanted or were searching for...So in 2010 I will be open to the unexpected...I will work toward letting my mind be flexible...rather than being fixed on one possible outcome...I will try to be open to many...And I will embrace the unexpected...and rejoice in the depth it brings to my life!!

It's your turn's the end of week two....time to set that goal or word or whatever....Post about it inj the thread at MHH or....PUT it in your status on Facebook please, if you're not a note writer...pick a quotation or write something of your own that reflects your word or goal....OR if all else fails...just post your word....loud and proud in your status....or blog about it...or write a note...BECAUSE....Week Three is here and I'm about to move on to the next "make over"...!!! Join the FUN!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week Two: New Year New You's week two of the life makeover.....

Week Two: New Year, New You

"The world rewards those who take responsibility for their own success." Curt Gerrish.

The goal for this week is to think about things you want to improve in 2010...or in your life in general....more of an internal be more creative, or be more focused etc...Then you are to write a little slogan or some words that will remind you of the goal and place them in your home and or office....Last you are to do a journal entry about how this "idea, concept, goal" has played out in your life in the past and how you envision it in the future....

This will be a GREAT one for me....I'm going to use my 2010 word....serendipity...and how I have struggled with it in the past and how I plan to live it in 2010.....more about that later..

In the meantime....get ready for week two....get something in mind....and less do a life makeover....second week in a row!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Year Review: Or Better Known as 25 Things I Did Right in 09

WEEK ONE: Life Makeovers ...Inspiring and Practical Ways to Change Your Life in 52 Weeks!

1. Paid off my van
2. Started exercising four days a week
3. Started saying NO
4. Spent time with my grandson
5. Learned how to use Windows messenger
6. Moved my craft desk upstairs
7. Continued the MT tradition
8. Took an impromptu trip to Florida
9. Had a health screening
10. Danced like no one was watching, sang like no one was listening
11. Hosted a great HillyBilly Hoedown & Boo Bash
12. Figured out when I can retire :)
13. Read approximately 35 books
14. Simplified....less is best
15. Helped a friend in need
16. Learned a little Spanish
17. Started making soul cards
18. Started: Celebrate Me..
19. Spent time with friends...making great memories
20. Wrote on my blogs
21. Lived my 09 word: BELIEVE
22. Started trusting my intuition more
23. Went to see Zac Brown Band
24. Went to see A Christmas Story at the St. Louis Repertory
25. Strived to create balance in life...:)

Do you want a life makeover.....join me in 52 weeks of inspiring and practical thinking, feeling, and doing!!"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week One: The Journey Begins

Here's a little challenge for the year: 52 practical and inspiring ways to change your week at a time. It's a book by Cheryl Richardson.... Life Makeovers

Week One: The Journey Begins

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into place." Lucille Ball

For this week you are to review the past year and focus on what you did "right." Find the great things and list them in a journal....or on a blog....:)

I'll be back later in the week with Week One thoughts....and then I'll just have 51 more weeks....Looking forward to an awesome 2010..

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