Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Year Review: Or Better Known as 25 Things I Did Right in 09

WEEK ONE: Life Makeovers ...Inspiring and Practical Ways to Change Your Life in 52 Weeks!

1. Paid off my van
2. Started exercising four days a week
3. Started saying NO
4. Spent time with my grandson
5. Learned how to use Windows messenger
6. Moved my craft desk upstairs
7. Continued the MT tradition
8. Took an impromptu trip to Florida
9. Had a health screening
10. Danced like no one was watching, sang like no one was listening
11. Hosted a great HillyBilly Hoedown & Boo Bash
12. Figured out when I can retire :)
13. Read approximately 35 books
14. Simplified....less is best
15. Helped a friend in need
16. Learned a little Spanish
17. Started making soul cards
18. Started: Celebrate Me..
19. Spent time with friends...making great memories
20. Wrote on my blogs
21. Lived my 09 word: BELIEVE
22. Started trusting my intuition more
23. Went to see Zac Brown Band
24. Went to see A Christmas Story at the St. Louis Repertory
25. Strived to create balance in life...:)

Do you want a life makeover.....join me in 52 weeks of inspiring and practical thinking, feeling, and doing!!"

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