Week Two: New Year New You

Okay...it's week two of the life makeover.....

Week Two: New Year, New You

"The world rewards those who take responsibility for their own success." Curt Gerrish.

The goal for this week is to think about things you want to improve in 2010...or in your life in general....more of an internal goal....like be more creative, or be more focused etc...Then you are to write a little slogan or some words that will remind you of the goal and place them in your home and or office....Last you are to do a journal entry about how this "idea, concept, goal" has played out in your life in the past and how you envision it in the future....

This will be a GREAT one for me....I'm going to use my 2010 word....serendipity...and how I have struggled with it in the past and how I plan to live it in 2010.....more about that later..

In the meantime....get ready for week two....get something in mind....and less do a life makeover....second week in a row!!!


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