Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun at Christy's House

Kelsey and Katie, posing on Christy's bed in her new bedroom!! We had fun running all over the house being silly before settling down for conversation and dominoes!
Christy and I decided to pose in the new deep deep tub....isn't it great!!
I'll be back later to post Part Two of Spring Break but I wanted to play catch up and write about MT at Christy's new house. Feb. 11th Christy hosted MT and we played some Mexican Train dominoes after taking a tour of the house and snappin lots of zany pictures. We had a lot of laughs and look forward to more fun at the new Troy place!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break on a Shoestring Budget Part 1

I should have known this was going to be Spring Break on a Budget Success....because before we even left Warrenton....while we were at a gas station....Sherry said to the beer guy...."can we have a sample?" and he handed us this sweet little 12 pack...of Bud Light Lime...gotta LOVE FREE.

Let me explain the adventure here in part one so you know the parameters and the game plan. We wanted to do a Spring Break trip....but none of us had bunches of money so we started thinking of places to go close by and picked Hot Springs Arkansas....there's actually lots to do there....the weather wasn't as warm as we would have hoped but then again our school has spring break VERY early...

My friend, Sherry called around and found a hotel that had a stay two nights and get the third night FREE...remember...gotta LOVE we grabbed that right cost with taxes etc....$75.00 each!!! Well. right before we arrived about three or so miles out....a horrid thunderstorm struck with hail....yikes...there was even a tornado touch down...a few miles away. We pulled into a gas station to get our bearings and Sherry asked about the Comfort we had the address but you know it can get tricky in a new place. So he directed us to Comfort Inn and Suites but then ran out to tell us there's also a Comfort Inn...a block over the other direction...

We head to that Comfort Inn...wrong address but Sherry pops in to ask about the other location...then back in the car for a block in the other direction....still wrong address.... but in Sherry goes. "No we do not have a reservation for you...are you sure you aren't at the other Comfort Inn?" No we just checked there..."Hmmm....let me see your confirmation page...hmmm that says Country Inn and Suites." How embarrassing for didn't go in....So down the road we go to the Country Inn and Suites. It's VERY nice and we have a great location...first floor with a outside door right on the end of the hallway where we just two doors down the exercise room and pool....along with the ice machine...LOVE IT!!!

Now the BEST part is that they served a FABULOUS FREE...breakfast every chang ching....three free breakfasts every morning..Thursday, Friday, Saturday...Total Cost....$0.

More Fun and Games and FREE...coming up in part 2.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Back from my Spring Break on a was tons of fun....for a LOW LOW price....I'm looking forward to giving you a blow by blow details of the whole event...complete with money will be AMAZED at how much fun three ladies can have on just a little cash....

Right now I'm tired and headed for some sleep in my own bed...and tomorrow I have to catch up with family...particularly my little boo bear...Evan....but I hope to have some blog posts up late tomorrow....and maybe a few pictures....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heading to Hot Springs

It's Spring Break this week at our school...even though technically it's still winter. So this year I decided to go on a little get away with one of my teacher friends and another friend of ours. We wanted to think someone who shall not be named ....didn't have her passport so we couldn't go out of the country. So I'm thinking like the new book...Bitches on a Budget....(by the way if you haven't checked them out on Facebook and their should...lots of fun fun fun).

Anyway Sherry managed to find us a hotel that was buy two nights get the third night free so that saved us some bucks. The hotel has a breakfast included so that's even a better bargain. Then we will try the racetrack/casino on Thursday...which is ladies night..half price!! We are not staying at the Arlington but we are going to have drinks in the bar and check it out for both historical and haunted reasons. The main thing is to just get away for a few days and do something a little different. I'm pretty sure we can manage to have fun regardless of what we end up doing!

So no blog posts for a few days. I'll try to pop back in on Sunday and give a low down of the trip!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer 2010 is Going to Be Awesome

It looks like summmer 2010 is going to be one busy blur of FUN FUN FUN...

  • The second weekend of June, my daughters, grandson Evan, and I are taking the Amtrack to Chicago. We will be gone four days and want to see Shedd's Aquarium and eat at the Rainforest Cafe again. Evan is looking forward to the train trip.
  • End of June...June 26th...a group of friends, Kelsey, and I are flying out of St. Louis to Cozumel, Mexico....for a eight day, seven nights trip...Plan to see the Mayan ruins, swim, snorkle. and other stuff...mostly at the resort because it is an all inclusive trip!!
  • July...Camping at Bennet Springs and a trip to Silver Dollar City....
  • July...end of the month or first part of August....not sure because of school start date... Some of us are going to Eureka Springs Arkansas to stay at the haunted Basin Hotel and Crescent Hotel...a night at each complete with a two hour ghost tour...both of the Basin and one of the Crescent...
  • There may be one other trip to visit a friend....during the summer too.....but too early to know for sure on that one!! :)

Those are the main TRIPS....although we have some day things planned too plus of course our big annual Backyard Bash!!!

Chinese New Year's Eve Party

Finally getting around to blogging about our Chinese New Year's Eve party. We ushered in the Year of the Tiger...and had a lot of laughs doing it. We had plenty of excellent Chinese Food and some of us wore Mizzou stuff (tiger...get it?).

We used our new video camera to capture a lot of the party and made a dvd to send to our friend Barb who is in Afghanistan. I have to say we also captured a lot of the floor, ceiling, and table also....AND we were really loud....didn't realize the camera picked up sound good.

We have BIG plans for next year's Chinese New Year's Eve party......we will be ushering in the Year of the Rabbit (that's Barb's year) we are goning to have tons and tons of rabbits sitting EVERYWHERE.....and WE are going to be Playboy Bunnies....LOL.....get it Bunnies...rabbits. Dale will wear a robe (smoking jacket) and be Hugh...So much fun to plan ahead!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Kelsey took Evan to spend the night with her in Columbia and they wandered around campus for a while. You can tell from the picture that he really thinks he's a big shot!!
In the background you see the columns where freshman walk through on the start of their education at the University of Missouri Columbia and then when they graduate they walk through in another ceremony going the opposite direction.
It only seems like yesterday when I was a student and the whole crazy journey of life lay ahead of me. Whoever said time goes by fast really knew what they were talking about. In a blink of an eye...years pass. Me....I'm still just wandering alonmg the path of life as if I have all the time in the world...
This week is Sping break at my I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit. Then on Wednesday I will head to Hot Springs Arkansas with a couple of friends...we may take in a race and visit Bath house row....and of course we will ahve to go to the Arlington Hotel which was built in the early 1800's and some say is haunted....I've been reading some interesting stories about the bar there so......we will certainly venture in!!

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