Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heading to Hot Springs

It's Spring Break this week at our school...even though technically it's still winter. So this year I decided to go on a little get away with one of my teacher friends and another friend of ours. We wanted to think CHEAP.....plus someone who shall not be named ....didn't have her passport so we couldn't go out of the country. So I'm thinking like the new book...Bitches on a Budget....(by the way if you haven't checked them out on Facebook and their blog...you should...lots of fun fun fun).

Anyway Sherry managed to find us a hotel that was buy two nights get the third night free so that saved us some bucks. The hotel has a breakfast included so that's even a better bargain. Then we will try the racetrack/casino on Thursday...which is ladies night..half price!! We are not staying at the Arlington but we are going to have drinks in the bar and check it out for both historical and haunted reasons. The main thing is to just get away for a few days and do something a little different. I'm pretty sure we can manage to have fun regardless of what we end up doing!

So no blog posts for a few days. I'll try to pop back in on Sunday and give a low down of the trip!!

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