Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break on a Shoestring Budget Part 1

I should have known this was going to be Spring Break on a Budget Success....because before we even left Warrenton....while we were at a gas station....Sherry said to the beer guy...."can we have a sample?" and he handed us this sweet little 12 pack...of Bud Light Lime...gotta LOVE FREE.

Let me explain the adventure here in part one so you know the parameters and the game plan. We wanted to do a Spring Break trip....but none of us had bunches of money so we started thinking of places to go close by and picked Hot Springs Arkansas....there's actually lots to do there....the weather wasn't as warm as we would have hoped but then again our school has spring break VERY early...

My friend, Sherry called around and found a hotel that had a stay two nights and get the third night FREE...remember...gotta LOVE we grabbed that right cost with taxes etc....$75.00 each!!! Well. right before we arrived about three or so miles out....a horrid thunderstorm struck with hail....yikes...there was even a tornado touch down...a few miles away. We pulled into a gas station to get our bearings and Sherry asked about the Comfort we had the address but you know it can get tricky in a new place. So he directed us to Comfort Inn and Suites but then ran out to tell us there's also a Comfort Inn...a block over the other direction...

We head to that Comfort Inn...wrong address but Sherry pops in to ask about the other location...then back in the car for a block in the other direction....still wrong address.... but in Sherry goes. "No we do not have a reservation for you...are you sure you aren't at the other Comfort Inn?" No we just checked there..."Hmmm....let me see your confirmation page...hmmm that says Country Inn and Suites." How embarrassing for didn't go in....So down the road we go to the Country Inn and Suites. It's VERY nice and we have a great location...first floor with a outside door right on the end of the hallway where we just two doors down the exercise room and pool....along with the ice machine...LOVE IT!!!

Now the BEST part is that they served a FABULOUS FREE...breakfast every chang ching....three free breakfasts every morning..Thursday, Friday, Saturday...Total Cost....$0.

More Fun and Games and FREE...coming up in part 2.

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