Monday, April 26, 2010

Soul Musings Update

Over the last couple of days I have managed to work on my book...Soul Musings. I am constantly delighted by the connections and deeper understanding I gain through writing.

This evening I wrote the Introduction and strived to put into words what Soul Musings are to me. I also attempted to explain that this endeavor is going to be eclectic. It will draw from a wide range of cultures, belief systems, literature and philosophies. Woven in with that will be my own interpretation and reflections on different concepts, as well as my own personal ideas and ways of looking at life and our journey here on earth. Sometimes the ideas are simply something that presented themselves to me and well...they just seemed to make sense....For example one such theory/thought I call Snowflake Philosophy...

I am enjoying creating 52 different essays or inspirational writings....each one is like a portrait of life. It is coming along quite well, but time is always the writers enemy. I hope when I share it with you that you will enjoy the journey through the year and weave the Soul Musings into your life in ways that help you make deeper connections to self.

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