Saturday, May 22, 2010

And So It Begins

The retirement dinner was very nice last night. It does make me a bit melancholy because even as I look forward to my own retirement in four years, it also marks a different stage in life and brings back memories of fun times with colleagues.

I have several things to take care of today. Grocery shopping for one and then I'd like to get back to work on cleaning the garage so hopefully I can get in a couple hours out there...need to haul a couple things to AGAPE (our Goodwill store).

On a brighter note....the sun is shining....I am so tired of rain. I hope the sunshine lasts for the WHOLE day....but one never knows. Living in takes what they get. But I must say the abundance of rain this year has been way MORE that normal.

Thinking about the Renaissance Fair for tomorrow but I really wanted to get a coupon for discounted tickets and have yet to get one. So I'm not sure and then it will also depend on the weather.

Well, dear readers, I'm off to do chores ....perhaps I'll pop back in later. Take Care and Enjoy the Weekend!

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