Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Living

So we are one week out from the last day of school for kids and two weeks before I finish my extended contract and have some days off....Summer Bliss. My summer is choked full of things to do and trips to take but never the less I am looking forward to it.

I've created a reminder list and it's filled out through most of the summer into the fall. It list important events, as well as, reminding me about some projects that I want to accomplish. It's more than a to do's also a framework for getting things accomplished AND enjoying all the fun activities I want to do.

My two main house projects for the summer are the garage and the bedroom. In addition to this yard work looms. All this rain is making me crazy! I also have planned a trip to Chicago, a week in Cozumel, a week at the camper with my favorite red headed grandson, perhaps a haunted hotel stay, and maybe just maybe if we can squeeze it in...a trip to Houston to visit a good friend.

For some reason even with all of those plans I feel focused and organized. I feel like perhaps I will actually accomplish more because I know I only have certain days to do it...rather than always putting it off when the summer stretches ahead with empty days.

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