Sunday, May 16, 2010

Touching Tomorrow

I've been reading a lot lately about living in the here and now. Some call it "mindful living". seems simple..right? Well think again. Mindful living....being present in the moment is proving to be more difficult than I imaged. My mind is constantly going ...dwelling on something from the past or at least seeing the connections to it....or springing ahead to take note of what tomorrow might bring...or what is needed this afternoon....when it is only morning.

This might be totally understandable in the work place where there are things to juggle, phones to answer and lists to complete. But for many people this has become a way of life. A constant struggle with what might have been (the past) or what will be (the future). Nobody's living for today. I'm not talking about your calendar and keeping track of events. That's one thing and most likely a smart concept. I'm simply talking about the fact that even as we are enjoying a meal or a conversation, minds are constantly reeving up for the next race.

This adds to stress levels, makes us seem disconnected to others, and keeps us from living life. Being 100% present in the moment will add more satisfaction and enrich your life in ways that provide you with REAL memories....not ones that are only surface deep.

So this week....the challenge is mindful living....multi-task and multi-think NO MORE....keep your mind and yourself in the here and now.

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