Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Week Begins

Have you ever wondered where time goes? Does it just evaporate into the air of life leaving us gasping for more?

I know where the saying, "I live for the weekend." comes from. Here it is Sunday evening and tomorrow is back to school. It is the last week before Summer Break so I should be delighted....and I am. Yet I know at the same time that summer will disappear just as quickly.

I can't just sit here fretting about it however. So let me tell you some other tidbits.

We are getting another new principal at our building. They will be interviewing Tuesday and we may very well know the following day. It's another indicator that education is changing and that the difficuties experienced in society in general are also visited on schools. Schools used to be little small communities contained within the larger community. Now they are simply stopping points for people.

I worked on the front flower beds today. It was sunny and VERY got. We went from gloomy chilly days to a day filled with was miserable...but none the less NICE to see sunshine! Not sure how long it will last!

We are gearing up for our train trip to Chicago. We leave June 10th. It will be my two daughters, my grandson, and myself ona four day journey. we would like to visit the Children's Museum, Shedd's Aquarium, and Navy Pier. We have a couple restaurants we want to go to. One being The Rainforest Cafe, where we ate last time we were in Chicago.

Well that's all for today dear readers....I'll check in again soon with more details of life in this crazy world...

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