Friday, June 25, 2010


We head out bright and early tomorrow...and I mean EARLY for Cozumel. This is a picture of one of the pools at our resort. You can see the ocean in the background. It is the Alegro Cozumel. It is fashioned after a Polynesian village. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Will feel better after I check bags and am on the plane. Airports make me crazy!
I've never been on an all-inclusive sot this should be an interesting experience. I hope to be traveling more in the coming years so what a great way to jump start my travel agenda. I still have a little packing to do today. Nothing major but I also have some last minute errands and stuff to do before leaviong since we will be gone a week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Katie

Happy Birthday...daughter...Katie.

Today is the day that I had a ten pound one ounce baby girl. She was always on the move from day one. And with her curly didn't take her long to get people wrapped around her little finger. She was a good baby, sleeping a lot more than her brother Justin did.

Today is the day that we discovered the meaning of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Well, okay...not everything But still baby girls are wrapped up in their own blanket of wonder. I am so proud of my daughter because she has worked hard and is raising my precious grandson to be a wonderful little boy!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shout Outs

Just a few quick Shout Outs before I head forth into laundry and other stuff......

A SHOUT OUT to: Blogger: Becky Kazana...over at The Fab Miss B. I just discovered her blog a week or so ago and she has a bit of everything...really fun to read!

A SHOUT OUT to: Real life friends...Aaron, Missy and Sherry....are you reading Ginger's Journey? If are you keeping up with life?

A SHOUT OUT to: Lisa (blogger & MHH member)...Check out her blog: My Little Corner of the World. Cute stuff!

A SHOUT OUT to: All my friends going to Cozumel with me!

A SHOUT OUT to: Mel over at Mel's blog to read...

A SHOUT OUT to: Daughter Katie who has a birthday Thursday June 24th!! Happy Birthday early!!!

Okay off to hiss....LOL

Monday, June 21, 2010

Head-Shot: Life is a Journey

So the little red head has been thinking a lot about life lately. When you're a head you don't have a lot to do except he was pondering life as he rolled along and then he came across this sign which he thought put his idea about life into the perfect words!

"Life is a journey and you hold the map."

The red head and I get along perfectly because we think so much alike. I've been rambling on for years here at Ginger's Journey about ....well.....about life being a journey. The red head was telling me how we all hold our own maps...and where we go is certainly up to us. We sometimes get pushed around a bit but in the end...the destinations are ours to choose.

I know sometimes it doesn't feel like that. Sometimes it feels as if we have no choices at all....but the red head says...WE as you travel along this week...make sure and pause long enough to think of where you are going and decide is that is where you really want to go.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Barb's Back Roadtrip June 2010

If life gives you lemons......make lemon drops!
On the roadtrip we thought it's be fun to check out the view through the sunroof. It was fun....Our pre-Afghanistan roadtrip lasted twelve hours.....only managed ten this go around!

Oh what you will find along the country roads. We found the Schwan truck and stopped to buy some icecream. Here Barb is posing with Pat the driver! We also handed out icecream to some random man named Bob.

The loca four.....we looked for some place to stop and take pictures. We stopped several times.

This is a pre-roadtrip picture at Buffalo Wild Wings...with the SAME waitress we had back on January 1st! Barb's word for 2010 is we brought along the sign!
There's lots more pictures and lots more I'll try to get more up later. Oh the fun one can having doing...really nothing at all....and we certainly brightened the Schwan man's day....he said we were the best thing that happened to him that day...LOL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Head-Shot: Thoughts from the Red Head

As promised....Head-Shots....a new feature here at Ginger's Journey....and it all started with this little red head that my friend Missy gave me. Actually it's not a's called a Seed of Happiness...and you can buy your own little seed (in all colors and sizes) at My Seeds of Happiness. Some are speckled and some are solid colors...but anyway...I thought it looked like a little head....and then I thought....hey I could blog about this....and then I thought...hey it could be a weekly feature....and then the name and such all fell into place. Made even sweeter by the fact that I'm a was just meant to

So each week...the little red head will have a picture....or at least a commentary about something to share with you here at Ginger's Journey...sometimes the head may be joined by some of his friends....I look forward to blogging Head-Shots and hope you will enjoy reading them...Just remember all views are the head's and not necessarily the views of this blog author. LOL

Friday, June 18, 2010

Head Shots notice the tab at the top called Head Shots???.....this is going to be a fun quirky little feature here at Ginger's Journey....I have some photos...and more information but I don't have the photos downloaded and I haven't time to properly explain....but you know me...always something a little wild and I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday to give more explanation!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Love Summer 2010

Well, it goes without saying...I love summer. Honestly, some summers are better than others. It just depends of life events and any number of twists and turns. That's ok...each are a small piece of colored glass in the kaleiscope of life. Blending together to make a mosaic of life. Each summer has it's own personality. This summer is turning out to be a one of firsts, one of adventure, one of spontanoeus events, one which is a blend of the practical (chores) and the exciting. One of travel and home all mixed together in an array of color and warmth!

But my love of summer goes beyond the "events" that happening. It is a love of lazy days. A love of staying up late and sleeping in. A love of warm sunshine and fresh air, and flowers that bloom in colorful tangles. A love of green grass and blue skies. A love of the sense of minutes trinkling by without the feeling of dread. I know that people who work year round do not usually experience what I am talking about. It is in essence, the feeling that we used to get as kids when school let out for summer and we felt free, free, free. I am lucky. I know that. I get to experience that feeling every year. Others are not as blessed.

So today I am grateful for summer. For time, for adventures that make memories, for stories to tell and stories to make, for laughter and conversations, for a chance to blog, for the beauty of a good book and a glass of tea. For the chance to get a little more done around this place we call home, for the ability to "put things off" if need be to enjoy time with others, and for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you Ginger's Journey readers. Thanks for sharing a bit of your summer time with me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being Spontaneous

Wow this is the week for spontaneous.....luckily I cleaned some on the basement today so I feel at least a little bit of accomplishment....

So tomorrow I am going to see Wicked in St. Louis....hmmm....I think at the Fox niece Cindy has like second row seats and she called today to see if I could I thought for a brief moment and then said YES....of course I had planned to clean more tomorrow but what the heck!

Then my young friend texted earlier to see if I Kelsey and I wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat and since I hadn't even started cooking dinner yet...I said YES....okay I'm spending money like crazy right before my Cozumel trip but I am confident it will ALL work out fine!

Then tomorrow evening after the Wicked performance, we will have our regular MT night with friends! Just a bit of chit chat and some drinks and food. But it's always FUN!!

Friday....I'm off on another adventure....a celebration lunch and afternoon with my friend Barb who got back from Afghanistan about two weeks ago!!

I don't know....being spontaneous....this house may never get cleaned...I suppose I should try to do more with it during the dreary school/work months and then I'd be free as a bird during summer!! Well it's a thought....but anyway...for right is....what it is....And I'm having a good time.....

Platform 9 and 3/4s

Here's the picture of me...on platform 9 and 3/4......from the Harry Potter books. This is a mural on the wall at Union Station in St Louis but it looks three dimensional. I thought it was cute...we all wanted our pictures by it...used a bit of time while we were waiting for our very late train!

A Quick Hello

A quick hello to all the Ginger's Journey readers....I have spent way too much time blogging this morning and it is time to get moving. There's a bunch of stuff that must get done today....and so I'm off to do it.

If I am REALLY good and accomplish some chores and mundane things...I'll be back this afternoon with my Harry Potter picture.....I love it!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicago Trip

Got a nice picture of the arch as we were leaving downtown St Louis on Thursday June 10th via Amtrack. We had sort of a bad start because our train was delayed four hours due to flooded tracks in Texas. While we waited we went over to Union Station and feed the fish and turtles. I also got a neat picture of the Harry Potter station. I'll share that picture a bit later! But as we rolled out of St Louis....there was the arch in all of its beauty!

We went to Navy Pier. I decided to pose with the city in the background. Chicago is a busy busy place. Evan enjoyed riding the Merry Go Round. Katie and Kelsey rode a giant ferris wheel and got some cool pcitures up above the city. We stayed at the Wyndam Hotel, which was a great location because we could walk to almost everything except Shedd's Aquarium. We took a bus there.
I love this picture of Evan in the Children's Muesum. There were tons of things to do and he had a blast. Here is putting out a fire! There's also a water room where he wore a little green overcoat and played with boats!
Here's a group shot after we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Evan freaked out when we first walked in because there was a huge snake hanging from the ceiling and he thought it was real. Well, it was moving. We enjoyed a very nice meal in a great atmosphere!
Here's another great spot...Gino's East....serving Chicago style it is filling!! Lots of crust and cheese! Also we all wrote on the wall and then posed for a picture together!!

Have a lot more hopefully...I'll share a few more before moving on to the next adventure!! In Chicago, we basically got to do all the things we had planned to a VERY successful trip.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer doesn't begin that third week of June when the calendar porclaims it. No. Summer begins with that first glorious day of freedom from work.....okay I know not everyone works in a school setting and gets to experience that rush of freedom that surges through your blood when the time arrives. But let me say, I love it! I'm four years from retirement and I never cease to get the best feeling....when summer arrives.

This summer, like many others before it, will slip by in the blink of an eye. I have had busy summers with lots of plans or projects. I've had slow lazy summers without any thing much to do. I've had summers that have went astray and no matter what I attempted I couldn't get them back on track. I've had summers of adventure and summers of boredom. Regardless, they have all slipped by quickly. This one will be no different.

As I move into summer mode, I am trying to be very organized because there are several trips, our annual backyard bash and some other day excursions. I also have a few home projects to accomplish. All in basically two months. I have always noted that the more organized one becomes the more aware one is of the passage of time. Two months seem like nothing when the little dates are filling in. But the alternative is to NOT be organized and let the days slip by unnoticed. The problem with that .....summer still comes to an end and then you look back and feel as if you have wasted time.

So I have my calendar and I have my plans and two months of glorious time.

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