Sunday, June 20, 2010

Barb's Back Roadtrip June 2010

If life gives you lemons......make lemon drops!
On the roadtrip we thought it's be fun to check out the view through the sunroof. It was fun....Our pre-Afghanistan roadtrip lasted twelve hours.....only managed ten this go around!

Oh what you will find along the country roads. We found the Schwan truck and stopped to buy some icecream. Here Barb is posing with Pat the driver! We also handed out icecream to some random man named Bob.

The loca four.....we looked for some place to stop and take pictures. We stopped several times.

This is a pre-roadtrip picture at Buffalo Wild Wings...with the SAME waitress we had back on January 1st! Barb's word for 2010 is we brought along the sign!
There's lots more pictures and lots more I'll try to get more up later. Oh the fun one can having doing...really nothing at all....and we certainly brightened the Schwan man's day....he said we were the best thing that happened to him that day...LOL

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