Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being Spontaneous

Wow this is the week for spontaneous.....luckily I cleaned some on the basement today so I feel at least a little bit of accomplishment....

So tomorrow I am going to see Wicked in St. Louis....hmmm....I think at the Fox niece Cindy has like second row seats and she called today to see if I could I thought for a brief moment and then said YES....of course I had planned to clean more tomorrow but what the heck!

Then my young friend texted earlier to see if I Kelsey and I wanted to go out to grab a bite to eat and since I hadn't even started cooking dinner yet...I said YES....okay I'm spending money like crazy right before my Cozumel trip but I am confident it will ALL work out fine!

Then tomorrow evening after the Wicked performance, we will have our regular MT night with friends! Just a bit of chit chat and some drinks and food. But it's always FUN!!

Friday....I'm off on another adventure....a celebration lunch and afternoon with my friend Barb who got back from Afghanistan about two weeks ago!!

I don't know....being spontaneous....this house may never get cleaned...I suppose I should try to do more with it during the dreary school/work months and then I'd be free as a bird during summer!! Well it's a thought....but anyway...for right is....what it is....And I'm having a good time.....

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