Saturday, June 19, 2010

Head-Shot: Thoughts from the Red Head

As promised....Head-Shots....a new feature here at Ginger's Journey....and it all started with this little red head that my friend Missy gave me. Actually it's not a's called a Seed of Happiness...and you can buy your own little seed (in all colors and sizes) at My Seeds of Happiness. Some are speckled and some are solid colors...but anyway...I thought it looked like a little head....and then I thought....hey I could blog about this....and then I thought...hey it could be a weekly feature....and then the name and such all fell into place. Made even sweeter by the fact that I'm a was just meant to

So each week...the little red head will have a picture....or at least a commentary about something to share with you here at Ginger's Journey...sometimes the head may be joined by some of his friends....I look forward to blogging Head-Shots and hope you will enjoy reading them...Just remember all views are the head's and not necessarily the views of this blog author. LOL

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