Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Love Summer 2010

Well, it goes without saying...I love summer. Honestly, some summers are better than others. It just depends of life events and any number of twists and turns. That's ok...each are a small piece of colored glass in the kaleiscope of life. Blending together to make a mosaic of life. Each summer has it's own personality. This summer is turning out to be a one of firsts, one of adventure, one of spontanoeus events, one which is a blend of the practical (chores) and the exciting. One of travel and home all mixed together in an array of color and warmth!

But my love of summer goes beyond the "events" that happening. It is a love of lazy days. A love of staying up late and sleeping in. A love of warm sunshine and fresh air, and flowers that bloom in colorful tangles. A love of green grass and blue skies. A love of the sense of minutes trinkling by without the feeling of dread. I know that people who work year round do not usually experience what I am talking about. It is in essence, the feeling that we used to get as kids when school let out for summer and we felt free, free, free. I am lucky. I know that. I get to experience that feeling every year. Others are not as blessed.

So today I am grateful for summer. For time, for adventures that make memories, for stories to tell and stories to make, for laughter and conversations, for a chance to blog, for the beauty of a good book and a glass of tea. For the chance to get a little more done around this place we call home, for the ability to "put things off" if need be to enjoy time with others, and for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you Ginger's Journey readers. Thanks for sharing a bit of your summer time with me!

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