Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer doesn't begin that third week of June when the calendar porclaims it. No. Summer begins with that first glorious day of freedom from work.....okay I know not everyone works in a school setting and gets to experience that rush of freedom that surges through your blood when the time arrives. But let me say, I love it! I'm four years from retirement and I never cease to get the best feeling....when summer arrives.

This summer, like many others before it, will slip by in the blink of an eye. I have had busy summers with lots of plans or projects. I've had slow lazy summers without any thing much to do. I've had summers that have went astray and no matter what I attempted I couldn't get them back on track. I've had summers of adventure and summers of boredom. Regardless, they have all slipped by quickly. This one will be no different.

As I move into summer mode, I am trying to be very organized because there are several trips, our annual backyard bash and some other day excursions. I also have a few home projects to accomplish. All in basically two months. I have always noted that the more organized one becomes the more aware one is of the passage of time. Two months seem like nothing when the little dates are filling in. But the alternative is to NOT be organized and let the days slip by unnoticed. The problem with that .....summer still comes to an end and then you look back and feel as if you have wasted time.

So I have my calendar and I have my plans and two months of glorious time.

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