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Gypsy Caravan and Rain

Circle of Death
A fun little game.....Gypsy or no?

It was Barb's birthday....the cake says.....Grasshopper say...Happy Birthday Barb! with little grasshoppers on it! It was in reference to our day at Coconuts in Mexico!!!

Well after all the work on the back yard about twenty minutes into the party dark clouds were rolling in we grabbed all the stuff that would get ruined by the rain and headed inside. It was sort of a bummer! But we didn't allow it to ruin our fun....We consoled outselves with some drunk gummy bears and drunk gummy worms! And jello shots too!

Gypsy Caravan Bash

I know I still need to blog the rest of the Cozumel Adventure...but wanted to post a bit about our backyard bash...It's Saturday and the theme is Gypsy Caravan....Found the pciture the wonderful skirts and outfits....not sure ours will be quite as wonderful....but we shall try...

Every year we host a backyard bash...usually the second half of July...and every year we have a different theme. Part of the fun of the party is finding the decor and food and drinks. This year with all my trips I feel a little unprepared but then I felt that way last year for the HillBilly Hoedown and it turned out great!

I am watching the weather for Saturday and they are calling for rain but who knows. Every day that it has called for rain it has been earlier in the day and then cleared off. Won't really be able to know until that day I guess. If it rains I suppose we will move the event won't be quite the same and will be a bit crowded....but we shall make do!

I'll …

Cozumel Day Dos

Quite a lot happened on Day a couple rain showers but mostly a good day...the weather was at least looking better!

First the four adults, loaded in Barb's rental car with the intention of going with her on a timeshare excursion. She rented the car super cheap with the promise to go on this tour. When we arrived in Cozumel downtown to take the ferry, she discovered that only two adults could go. So after some discussion, Cresia and Barb headed over to the mainland while Donna and I did a bit of shopping and looking around. At a jewelry shop. I haggled with the owner over a ring, which I did end up buying AFTER he came WAY down on the price and we had a shot of tequila together. Later I was I would have killed the kids if they had taken a tequila shot with some strange guy...I mean what if it had drugs in it or something...But none the less, I love my ring! And every vendor after that asked about my ring...hehehehe. We headed back to the resort to check on the kid…

Summer Updates

Just got back this afternoon from our camping trip. Adventures have taken up most of my summer....and there's a couple more to go. Our annual summer bash...Gypsy Caravan is scheduled for Saturday the 24th of July and then a trip to Houston, Texas, right before I'm going back to work. This has been an awesome summer but not one I could repeat every year! Lol.

I still need to finish bloggin Cozumel...Day Two....and some other news worthy stuff....but I am tired so just wanted to post a quick update...:)

Iguana Nightmares

This is what I'm talking about. They were everywhere....lurking around the pool, under porches, and on sidewalks. Some were little and some were huge. I don't care what the others of these things was in my room!!!!

Day One Cozumel

Wow....we started out bright and early for the airport....3:15a.m. We were all a little nervous because the night before we had discovered that a tropical storm was headed right for Cozumel and the forecast was rain ALL week. That was a sobering thought for a tropical vacation. Not only that but who really WANTS to fly into a tropical storm...scary. When we woke up we felt a tiny bit better because the storm had shifted away from the we headed out!

Our flight took off right on time and in no time at all we landed in Dallas where we grabbed a quick breafast and then loaded another plane for Cozumel. When we got close to landing we could see the storm clouds and when the plane landed on the rainy felt like we hydroplaned a little but finally after a couple anxious moments we came to a stop.

They delayed us getting off the plane a bit because we descended right off the plane onto the nice covered hallway to take into the airport. Since it was raining,…

What Happens in Mexico

Stays in Mexico......well...there are some photo shots that will NEVER see the internet but here are some famous quotations to get you thinking...I'll blog the adventure...but for today... just a few quotes...

1. "Grasshopper says...."

2. "I had Sex at Coconuts all afternoon."

3. "WWF and Fishin...bitches"

4. "Too much tequila"

5. "Do you need a wheelchair?"

6. "My co-pilot did that landing..."

7. "Uno mas"

8. "What! Something's in the room" (said while standing on the bed in the dark room in the middle of the night)

9. "I'm Mexican."

There's plenty more...but I have to get ready to celebrate the 4th of July