Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cozumel Day Dos

Quite a lot happened on Day a couple rain showers but mostly a good day...the weather was at least looking better!

First the four adults, loaded in Barb's rental car with the intention of going with her on a timeshare excursion. She rented the car super cheap with the promise to go on this tour. When we arrived in Cozumel downtown to take the ferry, she discovered that only two adults could go. So after some discussion, Cresia and Barb headed over to the mainland while Donna and I did a bit of shopping and looking around.
At a jewelry shop. I haggled with the owner over a ring, which I did end up buying AFTER he came WAY down on the price and we had a shot of tequila together. Later I was I would have killed the kids if they had taken a tequila shot with some strange guy...I mean what if it had drugs in it or something...But none the less, I love my ring! And every vendor after that asked about my ring...hehehehe.
We headed back to the resort to check on the kids and they were enjoying the hot tub and relaxing. After we had lunch we took them back into town for shopping where they enjoyed the market place and trying to get good prices. In the pciture above a street vendor is creating a bracelet for Kelsey. He was amazing. He used the string in assorted colors and created a bracelet with her name on it! She really liked it. We waited through a couple ferries and then decided Barb and Cresia weren't showing up on time so we ended up back at the resort.
Went back into the ferry again but then as we were headed out one more time, Barb and Cresia showed up at the resort. They had taken a taxi since weren't there. We were glad to all be together again and discovered they had a great adventure at a FIVE DIAMOND resort place!
Dinner, drinks, and then in for an early night....except the kids....they went to the club on the resort and danced and had a great time!

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