Monday, July 5, 2010

Day One Cozumel

Wow....we started out bright and early for the airport....3:15a.m. We were all a little nervous because the night before we had discovered that a tropical storm was headed right for Cozumel and the forecast was rain ALL week. That was a sobering thought for a tropical vacation. Not only that but who really WANTS to fly into a tropical storm...scary. When we woke up we felt a tiny bit better because the storm had shifted away from the we headed out!

Our flight took off right on time and in no time at all we landed in Dallas where we grabbed a quick breafast and then loaded another plane for Cozumel. When we got close to landing we could see the storm clouds and when the plane landed on the rainy felt like we hydroplaned a little but finally after a couple anxious moments we came to a stop.

They delayed us getting off the plane a bit because we descended right off the plane onto the nice covered hallway to take into the airport. Since it was raining, they didn't want us to have to be in the rain while waiting. After a little bit of a wait to get through customs and a bit of paperwork (all in Spanish) we were on our way. Since Kelsey, Larissa, and I were with Apple vacations we had a voucher for a taxi and a greeter was waiting for us. The time share people tried to grab us but we ignored them and soon we were driving along the ocean headed to the Allegro Cozumel. It was all so made my head spin. We were in a taxi van with quite a few other people. We stopped at two other resorts before we arrived at ours.

We checked in and our bags were waiting to be taken to our room...when the rest of the party arrived. There was a mix up with Barb's reservation but she got it straightened out fairly quickly. We ate a quick lunch and then looked around the resort a bit. It was raining but we were optimistic that things would improve! We ended up drinking quite a few drinks. It was new and exciting to try different ones that we had never heard of. We went swimming in the ocean in the rain and enjoyed more drinks at the beach bar. Later we had dinner in the dining hall and tried to catch our breath from a whirlwind day!

Our group of three was in a second floor room. The roof was vaulted and made from like thatched grass. There was also a loft or alcove like place that was dark and gloomy. When we went to bed I started worrying that someone was up there so I turned on the lights and Kelsey climbed up there to check. There were blankets and bottles up there but no person...thank goodness. The room seemed a little gloomy because of the vaulted thatched ceiling.

The night seemed long and noisy. There were frogs going crazy all night long and the room was not very sound proof. Later in the night the people in the room behind ours came in and started fighting. It was just like they were in the same room with us. It went on for an hour or more! Then just when I drifted off to sleep, I heard a weird noise...right by my ear. I freaked was sooo close. I jumped up on the bed in the dark and yelled...:"What was that?" I knew there was something in the room but I couldn't even remember where the light switch was. Larissa laughed at me but Kelsey never even woke up. Finally I gave up and went back to sleep.

The next day another couple was telling us how they had woke up to find an iguana in their room. It had gotten in through the thatched roof. No one wanted to believe me but I am telling you there was something in my room! I went to the front desk and asked to be changed because of the fighting and was REALLY glad when they put us in a groundlevel room right over by our friends. That room was light and airy and so nice and quiet.

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