Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gypsy Caravan Bash

I know I still need to blog the rest of the Cozumel Adventure...but wanted to post a bit about our backyard bash...It's Saturday and the theme is Gypsy Caravan....Found the pciture the wonderful skirts and outfits....not sure ours will be quite as wonderful....but we shall try...

Every year we host a backyard bash...usually the second half of July...and every year we have a different theme. Part of the fun of the party is finding the decor and food and drinks. This year with all my trips I feel a little unprepared but then I felt that way last year for the HillBilly Hoedown and it turned out great!

I am watching the weather for Saturday and they are calling for rain but who knows. Every day that it has called for rain it has been earlier in the day and then cleared off. Won't really be able to know until that day I guess. If it rains I suppose we will move the event won't be quite the same and will be a bit crowded....but we shall make do!

I'll be back later Ginger's Journey readers to post about the party and add another Cozumel day! Until then ...take care and enjoy this last brilliant (and hot) part of summer!

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