Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Shout Outs

I think life is about connecting with, at work, in life, and across are my August Shout Outs...

  • A shout out to all my school work friends...Missy, Cresia, Barb, Christy, Aaron, ....who are headed back into the trenches with me!!
  • A shout out to Natasha at Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive 365....she's dreaming of a white Christmas!!
  • A shout out to my daughter Kelsey who just had knee surgery...and is recovering nicely!
  • A shout out to Kim Loves Snow over at Magical Holiday Home forums...she's such a great help on the boards!
  • A shout out to Christy for helping me drive to Houston....couldn't have done it without you.
  • A shout out to James over at new site
  • A shout out to my favorite little red headed boy...who won't be reading this blog since he's only three...but I love him!!
So Ginger's Journey readers...there's so much to blog about....I need to do some Head Shots and more Cozumel!

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