Sunday, August 22, 2010


Autumn is my favorite season. I'm not sure when I decided that. I'm sure when I was younger it was summer because of the wondeful freedom the break from school offered. But somewhere along the changed to autumn. The crisp cool mornings, football, colors that I love everywhere, my birthday, Halloween, and the fresh start of a "new year" (in school terms) just seem to appeal to me. Add to that...that my energy level seems higher in the fall and it all adds up to a great season!

This fall we are doing Schenck Girls at the Lake-Autumn on the weekend of October 2nd! Yippee! It will be dull by some people's standards BUT we make our own fun!  Add to that our annual Halloween party....the Witches' Ball this year...pumpkin patch trip with Evan....and possibly a trip to Kimmswick for Applebutter Festival ....and we are sure to have an event filled autumn.

While all that fun is happening I will be hard at work here at home, decluttering continues, as well as general cleaning. I'm doing some Trash to Treasures projects all is good.

I hope you are looking forward to autumn and fun things. Life is too short NOT to. I always try to have a couple things in the planning stages...just to keep life...interesting. Take Care Ginger's Journey readers and Be Kind!

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