Saturday, August 7, 2010

Houston....Last trip of Summer 2010

We took a short trip to Houston to see our amigo Jorge. We drove 14 hours through the night and arrived in Houston right on schedule 1:00 in the afternoon.....hmmmm...that is before we missed our exit and ended up in downtown Houston right next to Minute Maid stadium. We had to miss the exit because we were in the right lane and the exit was to the left...across SIX lanes of traffic. But that's okay....with a little help from the GPS (we decided it was time to plug that baby in!) we reached our destination!  We have SOOOO many stories to tell and all of them make us laugh. We have some great memories to keep us company until we see our friend again!

On our last day we drove into Galveston Texas which is hmmm 50-60 minutes away from Houston. We enjoyed the beautiful day and the ocean!  We have tons of pictures. We laughed even though we were sad to be going home so soon! But we know we will all get together again. The road may be long and the trip tiring but in the end it is all worth it. We had some great Mexican food....and we even had some Chinese food (lol). We went to a funeral museum, an aquarium, went swimming, and saw the ocean....What a great trip! But most of all we got to see our friend that we said goodbye to last July. One year!

Jorge is our amigo...I know not why.... but we are really close friends. Even though a year passed and miles seperated us, it seemed like we had never been apart. There are some people that God brings into your life that just seem to have a special place. It's better not to wonder why but to accept that it was meant to be.
I also think that some days are just meant to be...."Life is Good Today". Don't question it or worry about what a few hours will bring (goodbyes) just laugh and smile and enjoy the day God has given you!!

Not sure when we will be together again but we will!

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