Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now I Understand

Last year for quite a few months I followed the full moon and made notations of how it seemed to influence people. Folklore abounds with many stories and tales of the mysterious powers of a full moon...or just the moon in general.

As so often happens things got busy and I stopped my full moon reflections. I have so many varied interests that it's often impossible to do all of them justice! But as also often brough it right back into my vision!  I noticed the full moon or the near full moon and then I kept meaning to check to SEE the exact date of the August Full Moon....tonight I checked..... August 24th...

Now I understand the almost manic start of the school year...the ebb and flow that just seemed to spin in circles. The energy I felt that was electrical but not necessarily in a good energy way....Now I understand the high emotions, the crazy mishaps and the tension!

The August Full Moon is called the Sturgeon Moon based on the fact that sturgeon were readily caught during this time by fishing tribes. Other farming tribes called it the Grain Moon. It was also called Full Red Moon by some tribes. This is because in August the moon is often a reddish haze.

The abundance of fish and grain contributing to the first two names but what about the Full Red Moon....I know where the name comes from but to me this name more accurately describes the essence of this moon to me, in current time, and also based on how it "felt".

Full Red Moon....the moon in the sky tinted red by the atmosphere or by the energy displayed in the sky. It FELT like a Full Red Moon....hazy, confusing, something a little off balance. Something that should be simple like a full moon....entangled in something out of the ordinary...the red color! No the full moon wasn't red here but it felt like it!

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