Working, Blogging, and Living Life

Summer is such a blessing to me because in "my life" summer means ....days off from work! Today as I journey back to work, I am reminded that life doesn't STOP in August. I can sit here feeling disappointed and upset that summer is GONE.....or I can start planning the NEXT adventure. This isn't my first day back...I've already been in four days...but this is IT....this is the week...when days off are a distant memory.

I already have a few plans in place: the zoo (coming up August 29th if it's not too hot) Bennett Springs with Barb and Cresia Labor Day weekend, Schenck Girls at the Lake-Autumn (Sept. or Oct.) A day trip to Kimswick with friends, and my annual Boo Bash (this year it's a Witches' Ball). Wow....the fun just goes on and on....I have to plan fun in my life or it becomes dull and boring...and no one else is planning I might as well just take charge and do it!

Well....blogging time is up...time to shower and head into work to see what surpirses may await me there!


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