Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Feet

So here are some Halloween Feet from The Witch's Ball. As my daughter Kelsey likes to point out....I got this idea from her...taking pictures of feet...I mean. These are some witches that attended the ball....and we stopped casting spells long enough to get this picture taken!

Double Double, Toil and Trouble
Which witch has the cutest feet
Tell me and I'll spare your fate!
Deny me and you'll learn too late!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Happy to Be Me!

Just a quick hello...Ginger's Journey readers....once I have pics...I'll be back to blog about the Witch's Ball. Posts are sooo much more fun with some pictures. In the meantime....just happy to be me...Headed to Kimmswick tomorrow to look through the shops at crafts and some antiques! A nice little lunch and then more shopping before heading home so Katie can take Evan to trick or treating!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skulls Anyone?

Here's a little skull display I put together in the kitchen for Halloween and our party....The Witch's Ball....kinda spooky yet fun! I like the way the two skulls look under the glass domed cheese tray. I liked it even better to see the shocked expression on the poor old lady's face at the resale shop when she said this will work great for cheese and I said I really want it for bones...LOL 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Door That Opened

It's been awhile since I wrote about the Haunted Farm and growing up among some things that are not easily explained. I've often wondered if the events that transpired there on that random piece of land have any meaning? Would they have happened regardless of who lived there or were they somehow linked to my family?  There's really no way to piece together the incidents and make a rational "whole". As I have proposed in the past, they seemed "other worldly" but if you indeed can come up with another theory, I'll certainly consider it. Someone once proposed that they were not "hauntings" but rather an alternate time period or universe colliding with our own. Events happening in other dimensions but bleeding over into this one. That sounds just as "crazy" as what I propose but I can't rule it it sits there as another explanation.

Even now in the dead of the night, when the lights are out and the room is coated in blackness, sometimes my mind starts to wander there to the farm, to the oddities. Now I realize just how crazy it all seems but as a young child they seem rather "ordinary". It just brings to mind how we live the life we are given and seldom pause to question how the rest of the world lives. Even as a young child, however, I sensed that something was amiss with the door that opened and no one was there.

Frequently in the darkness of the house, as it rested, sighing after a busy day, I would lay in my bed and listen to the inky blackness. Listen to the small creaking sounds as the house settled and I wondered. I wondered if the door into our home, the door that opened into the livingroom, directly across the room from my bedroom door...that door. Tonight would it open?

The opening door was a frequent occurance. I tried once to pinpoint exactly when I was aware of it happening but it was like the little man in the attic...a part of life on the farm for as far back as I could remember. We didn't speak of it much, at least not in the early years.

On nights when I managed to doze off waiting for it to happen, I would often awaken to my father quietly moving down the hallway to the livingroom. Always in the dark and always quietly. That is when I would know that the door had opened. Sometimes in later years after we got a small dog, I would hear it barking and jumping up on something in the livingroom. But no matter how quietly, no matter how quickly, my father managed to get into the livingroom...the room just sat there...silent and mysterious.

Some nights I would be in bed, awake and the door would creak open. I would stay put... dreading what might be in the livingroom. Sometimes the dog would bark, and jump, and scratch. Sometimes my dad just gave up and stayed in bed or he was working late and it was just my mom and me. On those nights it felt suffocating. I think it was just my fright. Nothing barreled at me through the darkness. Nothing stood in my doorway.  Yet even as a very young child I knew the door that opened...did not make sense.

Wind and drafts and other natural explanations could not explain it. Nor could they explain the sound of the dog's paws jumping up on something and then clattering to the floor. Over and over again. On certain nights the dog would simply give up and whine, returning to the bedroom. At other times it went on for what seemed like hours. Afraid to look and afraid to go to sleep, huddled in the suffocating darkness of the bedroom. Trapped in a situation that defied explanation. I don't remember exactly when the phenomenum lessed but it did over the years. Even after I left home though Mom would report an occasional night when the door opened but no one was there!

Kissing the 50

Kelsey loved Mizzou Homecoming!! What a great game as the Tigers defeated long time rival Oklahoma! Rushing the field, kissing the 50, and carrying the goal post downtown....she thought it was AMAZING!!  So good to make great memories and enjoy life....

The Witch's Ball

The Witch's Ball is coming up FRIDAY.....Hope all these gruesome creatures are on the way! Lot's to blog...pumpkin patch, birthday bash, and then the Witch's Ball.....I simply can not keep up with all the good stuff!! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinking about a Little of Nothing Much

I'm just thinking about a little of nothing much. Haven't been writing much lately and not sure why. Doing other projects and watching TV now that some of my fave shows are started their new seasons. Nothing wrong with that,,,,the ebb and flow of life.

I've been feeling out of sync with life in general. Unfocused and lost. Nothing major wrong just a vague feeling of wandering along with out a sense of purpose. Quite awhile back I wrote about sensing something rushing at me through the darkness and I purposed that it was another me in an alternate universe, just on the fringe of consciousness. This FEELS different, like s sailboat adrift at sea....gently thrown off course by the lapping waves and the bright sunshine casting a glare on the horizon. No real hurry to right the course but a timid nagging that something is amiss.

Many things have been making me smile....the work I am doing on my bedroom is coming together and the lovely clean organized simple setup of the room makes me smile. There are still a couple big things to do and lots of "finishing touches." but overall a project that I have been wanting to do for some time is "coming together."  The lovely autumn weather is also making me sigh with relaxation. This weekend we are headed to the pumpkin patch so I'm crossing my fingers for more lovely weather! October is half over (my favorite month) so perhaps that is what is making me a bit melacholy.

Well, bed is beckoning and I need to sleep. So Ginger's Journey readers, I sign off for now...

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Witch's Ball

This year we are hosting a Witch's Ball as our Halloween Boo Bash.....I'm hoping for clear weather so we can build a fire outside......I am still working on my costume.....trying to figure out exactly WHAT to wear...I have lots of decorations I just need to get ORGANIZED!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Schenck Girls-Autumn Adventure

We started a new tradition this year....2010....We  (my daughters, me, and a couple cousins) traveled to the Lake in the spring for shopping and a little weekend get away. We had so much fun we decided to repeat it in the autumn. So this weekend we head back to the Lake for shopping, laughing, and eating out!!

We are already excited about our spring adventure....we will go to the Isle of some fun in the spring....Kelsey will be 21 by then so all of us can have a little (darn little in way of $) with the slot machines, eat in there and stay at the lovely hotel!

Such simple fun....split the cost of a room, swim in the indoor pool, and do a wee bit of shopping and exploring!! Looking forward to it!

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