Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghost Hunt for the Silent Auction

If you have read much here you know about the infamous ghost hunts. Well, I got talked into putting together a ghost hunt basket for the silent auction that we are having to raise money for a charity for Christmas. The basket will contain several items including a ghost hunt led by yours truly. I'm a bit nervous. For no other reason than I want the hunt to be fun and people to find the places and the local folklore interesting.

Well. I can't very well snap my fingers and presto a We have encountered some interesting things so perhaps the spirits will cooperate the night of the hunt!  The picture above is of a house behind the trees. It's hard to see in this photo but on the camera and enlarged pictures there appears to be a man in a hat standing hidden behind one of the trees. Was he there?  I don't know but what I find is the photos we take after the hunt are quite interesting.

So wish me luck with the silent auction (I hope someone bids on it) and I'll let you know the winners and how things go.

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