Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa's Sleigh

I feel like I have been truly blessed this year. Working on a cash only basis I am almost finished with not only shopping but the baking and grocery supplies I need for the holiday season. The Lord is good.

Again this year I managed to send two boxes of gifts to some children in Mexico that are nieces and nephews of a friend of ours. It feels good to touch the hearts of little ones during this most holy of holidays.  I am still praying that they arrived safely because I haven't heard yet.

In addition, I participated in the local silent auction to raise money to buy coats and other things for some local children. The weather is frightful right now and so winter gear is a big need. I donated the ghost hunts which I am pleased brought some funds into the cause and I also did my share by purchasing another item.

Then today I was reminded of Santa's Sleigh....which is organized and managed by Jeff at the Merry Network, of which my very own Magical Holiday Home is part of. So I decided to make a donation there also. I'd like to do more so hopefully this month's budget will allow me to make another donation.

I urge you to check out the Santa's Sleigh project, because unlike other internet charities, I know personally that the funds generated from this effort go to help a family in need. So if you have even just 20 to spare, please consider donating to this special effort.

You can check it out at Santa's

MERRY CHRISTMAS ...Ginger's Journey readers!

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