Saturday, January 29, 2011

Faery Dust

I think all I need is a "little faery dust". Yep blown into the wind with a wish and things start to change. Wouldn't it be marvelous?

The house...cleaned.
Money in the bank.
Harmony in life.

Oh yes...a little faery dust would go a long way. But then again...faery wishes are tricky things. Just when you get the very thing you wish bites you. If you obtain something too simply blowing the faery dust into the miss out on the experiences that occur when you achieve it yourself.

Along the road of life, sometimes we get the things we want/work for and sometimes we don't but even when they are unobtainable...we gain something from the experience itself. We learn little lessons, we gather endurance, we shift our mind set, we learn that everything that glitters is not gold (or faery dust either).

For the journey through life is about just that...gathering more inner wisdom than jewels or riches. Oh would I turn down a lottery win? No but am I going to believe my life is less because of not winning. No.

So if a little faery dust arrives in my life, I'll enjoy the adventure it brings....but if it stays hidden in the faery realm, I'll still have fun!

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