Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Quest

So dear's been awhile but I have been busy...such is the journey through life full of things to do when one would much rather be blogging.....I hope your new year is off to a great start. My word for 2011 is QUEST.....and as I started the year I had a rather foggy idea of what the word might mean in my own life and how I might live it in 2011. As January comes to a close, I have a better more clearly developed vision of the Quest.... but it is still unfolding each day.

As I started the year I decided that throughout the year I would search for or be on the lookout for Quest clues....things that present themselves to me that seem to have "some meaning" and that might guide me on this quest of 2011. Let me share the "quest clues" I have collected so far.

On the very first day of 2011 my friends took me on a mystery "quest" which was a lot of fun. On that day one of my friends was reading from a book, and this "lesson" was presented..."Live in the Moment" Oh yes, it rang in my head and I clue. And so I filed it away to see what else might unfold or point me in the right direction. Live in the hard in today's world. As one stumbles along with so many things to grab our attention, it's a wonder anyone ever just "lives".  This is important to me because each second that ticks by is a second of the journey that is over with, never to be recaptured again. I do not say this in the sense to make it a bad thing or a sad thing....but simply to say...Live in the Moment! For it shall not come again!

Then a couple days later we had a speaker at our school. The thing that immediately grabbed me was one word....Possibilities.....just that word and I said (to myself of course)...Quest clue....the word just seemed to roll around in my head and it spoke to me on some level beyond or different than I am sure the speaker meant. Possibilities are all around us, whether we notice them or not is up to us.

Then about a week later I was faced with a challenge. One of those situations where it really seems that no matter what you do it will be the "wrong" choice, at least for someone. And it came to me that so much of life is like that. Challenges drift in and out of our lives every day. Some are so small as to hardly matter at all while others seem to be as important as the air we breath. And in my head I heard....Accept the Challenge (quest clue #3)

Then I started reading about some very strange events....birds falling from the sky, fish dead, and then cows also falling dead for unexplained reasons. Eventually I hope some will be explained but odd none the less. And everyone just seemed to be going about their merry (and not so merry) lives. These events didn't even appear to create a blimp on the radar of their lives. And when one questioned them...why they would always say, "well they say it happens all the time." OR "they say it was fireworks" or what ever the current news story was. And I pondered this for a bit and then this word popped into my just seemed to present itself as so often quest clues do....and the single word....just like the earlier "possibilities" presented so much to much to much to glean....and the word was ...Question. As if an invitation or perhaps a reinforcement of the idea that it is OK to question....we do not have to accept everything at face value.

So there you have the first four quest clues of 2011 and I have a better understanding of the Quest and where it is going. I will share that in another post, as well as, share with you a Faery reading that an online friend did in which I asked for guidance or enlightenment related to my Quest of 2011. It all ties together nicely with the quest clues.

So Ginger's Journey readers, I hope to post more often....until next time...Take Care & Be Kind.

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Saganise said...

Thank you for this post Ginger. It's timely for me. My spirit guide has me on the lookout for clarity. Bright blessings to you.


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