Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Ghost Hunting?

The wind is blustery today but spring is just around the corner. Are you ready for some ghost hunting adventures? I am and I need to get those hunts organized for the winners of the hunts from the charity auctions. There's work to be done! First charting out the places we will visit that night. I have several in mind but we want to get as spooky as possible and increase our chances of a ghostly encounter. Here are my thoughts for now:

1. Zion Cemetery: This location has be "hot" for ghost activity on more than one occassion. From the shadowy figure that walks in the oldest part to the banging on the being chased form the cemetery by the figure in the dark cape...
2. Bluff Road: Home of satan worshippers, the hounds of hell and other ghostly characters. I think a walk along this road with flash lights might be in order.
3. Indian Burial Road: It's dark, it's spooky and the ghost of the Indian whose grave was disturbed is said to walk along the creek bed. I hope to spend a little time jusat lingering on the creek bed waiting and listening.
4. Another cemetery...not sure which one yet but the one with the orbs in the photos might be a good choice or perhaps more than one cemetery.
5. At one point we need to stop by what we have come to call the KKK bridge...a young boy drown near this location years and years ago and some say he can be seen walking along the river or heard laughing in the woods.

There might be a couple other locations much to think about and decide. I also want to get the folklore collected so I can give a history of each place!

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