Sunday, April 24, 2011

Soul Musings: Book Introduction

I'd be interested in your thoughts about the intro to the book I am writing...


Soul Musings is my attempt to put into words my thoughts and reflections about the journey through life. It is a journey we all travel. While we all make this journey with family and friends, it is also a solitary quest. Each journey is unique to the individual traveling it and no one’s experience is exactly the same. There are common themes and threads, there are universal “truths” but in the end….my journey is mine and yours is yours. For now though we can travel together for a bit and keep each other company along the paths of life.

Soul Musings, like me, is eclectic. In seeking understanding, in traversing the landscape of life, in connecting with my soul, I refuse to be limited by one philosophy, one religion, or one culture. I have a strong belief in God, and it is not diminished by reading, listening, and seeking guidance from other belief systems or from my own imagination. No matter what your spirituality is based on, I invite you to broaden it through this experience. As I examine each concept, belief, or idea, I find that many are similar and often provide new insights and a deeper level of “being”.

Soul Musings is designed to be used weekly. One topic per week for meditation, reflection, thought, journaling, or discussion. Over the course of a year, you will explore beliefs and ideas that highlight the soul, a concept that is elusive and yet interwoven into so many aspects of our lives. At the end of each topic, you will discover a question or a reflection designed to take you deeper into this journey.

With deepest respect for the human spirit and your own personal knowledge, I invite you to partake of my humble Soul Musings and use them to gain a deeper personal connection to yourself and your spirituality.

Copyright 2010/2011 Ginger Schenck, No reprinting without permission of author.

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