Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Gotta Love Vegas

You gotta love Vegas. The lights, the action, the strange people, the 24 hour carnival of life! We went to Vegas for Sping Break 2011. It wasn't exactly the Bitches on a Budget Spring Break we took last year but it was a load of fun!
We walked down Las Vegas BLVD and I was about dead by the time we got back to our hotel. I told my friends my foot was hurt and I couldn't really walk...but as usual they ignored me and we trudged on. We ended up stopping at the Numb Bar and having some very large fruity frozen drinks...hmmm there is a reason they call it the Numb Bar.

We stayed at was older but the room was nice. It was like living in a faery tale castle and at least you could always find your way back with all of those steeples. Its walkways connected with a couple aother casinoes and so we could travel around and try the different spots. My favorite slots were Free Spin Freenzy and Wild Wolf.....ching, ching, ching,....gotta love the sounds of it. However, I came to play so I played back most of my That's ok, I still ended up bringing money back home!

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