Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gossip, Intel and Networking

Okay the picture's dated but the message is the same. It's funny when I started thinking about blogging on Ginger's Journey tonight my thoughts turned to "being in the know." And since I was just having a conversation today about how much I like to have all the who's who and the what's whats...or as some may call it "gossip." I thought what the heck I have some minutes to waste away writing about the topic.

Seriously though I suppose it's all in how you look at it. I always associate gossip with half truths and lies or information given out to be mean and spiteful. Seriously although there are some people I'd like to be mean and spiteful about.....most of the time I just like to "know things". Maybe I should have been an investigative reporter to fulfill this. I like to call it "intel" as in "intelligence", Surviving in the day to day rat race of the place I work and live....means the more you know the more prepared you are. Prepared for what you ask? Well, you know I"m not exactly sure but it seems to me that "knowing" is more helpful than "not knowing."

Honestly I'm pretty interested in human nature and the reasons things unfold as they do. The behind the scenes working of this thing we call "life." Sometimes I like to "predict" what is going to happen and how people may respond to certain situations. I can honestly say I haven't always been like that. In high school I was pretty quiet, stayed out of trouble and probably didn't really have the nerve to speak up to much of anybody...let alone play "detective."

As I said earlier, I associate "gossip" with hurting someone. I can also honestly say, I can't recall a single instance of my "knowing" something really hurting anyone....oh perhaps on the level of invading someone's privacy but other than that... no. And it's not all that "private" or I wouldn't find out about it. I mean I don't stoop to peeking in people's windows at night. lol

So perhaps it's a survival instinct kicking in or perhaps I don't like being "caught off guard" (sort of like sitting with my back to the wall and facing the door in public places) Or perhaps I'm tired of being lied to and the only way to know the truth is to have as much or more information than the people doing the smoke and mirrors act.  Either way, I perfer to call it intel....or networking....but if you insist....you can call it gossip. I'm the only one that knows in my head and heart... my intentions....so talk away....I'm planning to be one step ahead of you anyway. LOL.

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