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Seriously, I can't even believe I am posting this absolutely ridiculous picture of myself on Ginger's Journey. We are back from our trip to South Dakota, and after the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, I end up using this picture for the post about the trip. For the simple reason that it's on my computer and the rest of them are not downloaded
Walls Drug was a interesting little stop and there were lots of fun things to see. We also took in the Corn Palace on our way out and 1880's Town or Cowboy Town on our way home. And yes there are some equally CRAZY pictures from our "dress up" hours in Cowboy Town. Sandwiched in between were some breath taking hours viewing the Badlands. What beauty God creates in nature. Then we viewed the wonder created by men at both Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I still can't really understand how they created those carvings in the sides of mountains. I know for sure I could have never managed it! :) 
The su…