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Head down Suspended in pain Disillusionment whispers Caressing the heart With doubt.                                                      Faery magic No escape Human folly Tears gentle wings Suspended.


Museums….bring to mind several things. Stuffy dust covered relics, oil paintings by the world’s masters, books, and bones.Honestly museums don’t hold for me the allure that often grabs other people. I like old things, antiques…to a certain extent. I don’t adore them. I collect stories not history. How do they differ? History and traditions. People hold onto things tightly in this world. It’s a result of the fast pace and the uncertainty of life. I find nothing wrong in it except for the staleness it evokes. Life shouldn’t be like the dusty room in the museum with ancient relics that have long since lost their usefulness. Life is to be lived, embraced, experienced, challenged, enjoyed, and celebrated.When holding onto something is more important that the concept or ideal it represents then we have surely wandered too far from the path. Some people make museums of their memories. This is not a bad thing unless the hold that those memories have entombs them just as the ancient pharaohs w…

Our Spooky Game

As part of the Schenck Girls Autumn adventure.....we will play AtmosFEAR.....a DVD game in which a creepy guy appears and gives you directions....your GOAL is to collect four keys before the other it in the dark with candle

Schenck Girls Autumn-Sleepover

This is a picture from way back when....hmmm....maybe even the first Schenck Girls weekend...idk. Every spirng and autumn we get together for a Schenck Girls weekend. It's just a fun time to visit and catch up on everyone's life...

This year we talked about going to Hannibal and doing haunted Hannibal but with Athena 8 months pregnant and everyone trying to stay in budget we decided to do a sleepover, scary movie night! Of course before doing that we will do a little shopping and lunch....and at some point dinner! 

Schenck Girls is just a nice time for the cousins (and me the aunt) to take some time out of our bust lives and remember family history! I hope it continues for a lot of years...and when I'm in a wheelchair...someone better push