Saturday, October 1, 2011

Schenck Girls Autumn-Sleepover

This is a picture from way back when....hmmm....maybe even the first Schenck Girls weekend...idk. Every spirng and autumn we get together for a Schenck Girls weekend. It's just a fun time to visit and catch up on everyone's life...

This year we talked about going to Hannibal and doing haunted Hannibal but with Athena 8 months pregnant and everyone trying to stay in budget we decided to do a sleepover, scary movie night! Of course before doing that we will do a little shopping and lunch....and at some point dinner! 

Schenck Girls is just a nice time for the cousins (and me the aunt) to take some time out of our bust lives and remember family history! I hope it continues for a lot of years...and when I'm in a wheelchair...someone better push

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