Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Christmas Challenge

So this evening for some reason I pulled my art journal off the shelf. You can see it here beneath the little Christmas book. It's a simple yellow spiral bound book that I bought at Michaels a few years ago. I'm not particularly artistic but I had read about keeping an art journal and I wanted to give it a whirl. I have about 13 pages completed in it....none famous works of art for sure...but looking back I remember how I did enjoy creating them. I miss that creative outlet...no pressure...I'm not making a gift, or creating decor for the home, it can look as crazy and "unartistic" as I want or as it turns out....and it doesn't really matter...:)

I WANT to work on it again....that's the beauty of an art journal....it can be something you WANT to do...not something you HAVE to do...no deadlines nor pressure. I'm going to do a creative challenge here at Ginger's Journey starting in January...but more about that after Christmas.

Anyway, as so often happen, thinking about the art journal made me start thinking about my other journals. I love notebooks, journals, diarys and all sorts of little "writing treasures". I'm not particularly good at keeping them up to date....large gaps of time go by with blank pages. Still I love them.  So naturally when I was at Michaels the other day I couldn't resist the cute little Christmas notebook you see in the picture. I actually bought another one with a different cover design too.

A couple nights ago I got out the little Thanksgiving notebook that I "insist" AKA "make" everyone write in on Thanksgiving. We started it in 2006.  Everyone writes a brief statement. I thought immediately of the little Christmas books that I had just purchased but the Christmas journals just didn't seem to fit in with everyone writing in them. I do think however they would make a super daily journal for December. I could write one page or many. (I may even stop by Michaels and pick up some more for future years. I love the little size and the covers!)  I like th idea of journaling my thoughts about Christmas throughout the month.

I took a Journal Your Christmas online class a few years ago with super prompts and terribly creative people. I managed it for about FIVE days. I still plan to finish that Christmas art/writing journal at some point but this little sized daily writing journal seems more manageable right now.  There are so many Christmas thoughts I can think of to write about. So my personal challange is to journal daily in December....I'll let you know how it goes.

PS:  I do love blogging but there is something intimate and simple and authentic about actually putting pen to paper. Perhaps I will be creating treasures for future generations to read. Writing is like a glimpse of a person's soul.  I will share some of my entries here on Ginger's Journey. I hope you enjoy them. 


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hi Ginger! I have 9 blogs (well, 11 if you count my Wordpress and Tumblr), but I still have a thing for pen to paper. I keep a physical journal, although I've slacked off on my daily journaling of late. I'm currently writing my first novel and yes, I'm writing it longhand. I transcribe it onto the computer periodically. I've been meaning to keep a Christmas journal every year, but I never seem to do it. I think this year I'm going to put an effort into it. Thanks for the reminder. =O)

I'm going to subscribe to your blog and go check out your others.

Ginger said...

Thanks Michelle, Yes I have too many blogs too....but Ginger's Journey is my favorite...good luck on journaling December....I'm going to give it a whirl and see.

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