Monday, November 28, 2011

My Silent Auction Item 2011

So it's time again for our BHMS silent auction to raise money for gifts and food for needy families. Last year's ghost hunts were a big fave....but they were also a heck of a lot of work to organized etc. Plus I wanted to do something a bit different...Hence ....the above certificate which will be attached to a gift basket including some bottles of alcoholic beverages with the gift tag shown below attached to the bottles.

I think I'll wrap the gift basket in some black or dark blue basket paper (cellophane) and tie it with some of that gold garland that has little stars attached to it.  I'll also put the 7 reading cards and the 2 crossroads reading cards in the basket!!
Seven cards for seven readings....they can use them over time or throw a party and invite six friends for readings.  Then we have two crossroads readings which I will do upon request but I will do these alone and type up the reading for the person. I find this method sometimes to work really well because there is less pressure to speak and time to really think about what the cards are "saying".
I doubt I can top last years awesome bids on the Ghost Hunts.....but I hope I get some bids on this to raise some money for the cause. If nothing else the alcohol should spur on some bids because I'm planning to get some GOOD stuff...LOL.  After I put the basket together I'll take a picture and I'll let you know how the bidding goes!

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