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The Story of the Postcards

Ok it all started with Pinterest and the Calendar/Journal shown above. You can find information about this project at Design Sponge. That's where the Story of the Postcards starts but not where it ends. I love this project....the way you can jot a short note each day and that after a few years you will have a journal of sorts for each day of the year. . After you use the cards for the month you move them to the back of the box. I was determined to get one in order for 2012

I didn't have a berry basket and no offense but I don't like how the postcards are used sideways so when you look at them as dividers you can't really see the postcard picture correctly! I knew right away that I had a box of old postcards my mom had given me years ago and actually located them quite quickly. I looked through them and noticed right away that the size of them would not work with this project. So I put them away and used some manila colored dividers instead. I found a wooden box I had t…

Index Card a Day Project

This has been around for a while. If you are interested in reading about this approach...check out  Daisy Yellow she has made this an ART...:)

So the challenge is art on an index card everyday in 2012...yes you heard right EVERYDAY....those that know me...know I'm not very good at long term projects...but this interests me...and I think I might enjoy it as well as grow from it.  Since I just finished my Christmas Art Journal I have been giving this project some thought. I don't really want the cards to be chunky or three dimensional. First of all they are index cards and won't hold a lot in the way of materials!  So for these the plan is to use...colored pencils, watercolor paint, markers, watercolor crayons, pens, chalk, and some simple collage pictures.  I think this will MAKE me expand my artistic expression rather than focusing on premade elements.

So here they are...the first 100 blank canvasses for 2012...