Friday, December 30, 2011

The Story of the Postcards

Ok it all started with Pinterest and the Calendar/Journal shown above. You can find information about this project at Design Sponge. That's where the Story of the Postcards starts but not where it ends. I love this project....the way you can jot a short note each day and that after a few years you will have a journal of sorts for each day of the year. . After you use the cards for the month you move them to the back of the box. I was determined to get one in order for 2012

I didn't have a berry basket and no offense but I don't like how the postcards are used sideways so when you look at them as dividers you can't really see the postcard picture correctly! I knew right away that I had a box of old postcards my mom had given me years ago and actually located them quite quickly. I looked through them and noticed right away that the size of them would not work with this project. So I put them away and used some manila colored dividers instead. I found a wooden box I had that really wasn't being used. It is a recipe box...but other than saying "recipes" on the front it is just a nice wooden box. I bought a package of cards but not the date stamper. I'm thrifty and I figured since I was making this for myself and not a gift that I could just write the dates in!

Yesterday I cut some of the index cards for the box. This morning I started working on the project again. I wasn't completely happy with the divider cards because of their size they didn't really stick up above the index cards and so they weren't very useful as dividers, I also knew that I'd need to decorate them. My original intent was to collage on each of them. (Sigh a big ongoing project). I thought about running to the store to buy a larger size...and then I thought mom always managed to dig around and find some material to use. She wasn't in a place or a financial situation to just run to the store and "get something else." So I used some of the additional divider cards I had and cut and stapled them to the dividers, making them "taller".

Ok you are saying..."What about the Story of the Postcards?". We are getting me. I liked the size much better. There the dividers sat in the box, plain and drab...hmmmm. I went to get the post cards again. I place one of top of the looked..."nice". It didn't cover the whole divider but it didn't need to because the bottom half is down in the box anyway! I looked through a few and picked out some. They are tattered and stained but they are "different" from ones I might pick up at the flea market or resale shop. They have a history. They are not really my mom's even though she kept them for years. They are my paternal grandmother's. I have had this box of post cards since before my mother passed away. She has been gone for 20 years so I have kept this box in a drawer for about 23 years. I have used a few select ones in picture frames. They are ones related to holidays.  Other than that they have stayed, in the box, in the drawer.

I know that using them in this project means they will be "ruined". Well, ruined in the sense that if I glue them to the index card they are no longer unblemished, Who am I kidding? They are blemished already. There are stains and tears and some of the corners look like they have been chewed on by mice years ago. Do they really have any "value?" I decide I am going to do it!  I glue one to the front of the recipe box!

I check the backs for any dates or other meaningful information. Some are plain cards without writing or postmarks. One has a postmark from 1910. That makes it about 102 years old! I jot the date onto the back of the divider i plan to glue it onto.. At first I try to use glue dots thinking that at some point they might be able to be removed if I so desired. This is a failure....the old card material comes off instead of the backing of the glue dot. I get the craft glue. I feel "guilty."

I try to peel one off because of my second thoughts. It starts to tear...there is no going back. I create three dividers with an uncanny sense that my mother is cringing. I stop. I feel guilty. I pick up the postcards and turn the very next one over...........

I look at it and I realize it is a message from my mother. It is her telling me that it is ok to use the items she has given me. To take them out of the drawer, out of the dusty box and to create something lovely (to me) and useful. Something that I will look at everyday. I will use this card for the month of my mother's birth! Each day when I write on a card I will see the monthly card and the one on the front of the box and I will be reminded of my mother's love.

There is still work to do on this project but I do it will a happy heart and no guilt. I love you too, mom!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Index Card a Day Project

This has been around for a while. If you are interested in reading about this approach...check out  Daisy Yellow she has made this an ART...:)

So the challenge is art on an index card everyday in 2012...yes you heard right EVERYDAY....those that know me...know I'm not very good at long term projects...but this interests me...and I think I might enjoy it as well as grow from it.  Since I just finished my Christmas Art Journal I have been giving this project some thought. I don't really want the cards to be chunky or three dimensional. First of all they are index cards and won't hold a lot in the way of materials!  So for these the plan is to use...colored pencils, watercolor paint, markers, watercolor crayons, pens, chalk, and some simple collage pictures.  I think this will MAKE me expand my artistic expression rather than focusing on premade elements.

So here they are...the first 100 blank canvasses for 2012...

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