Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cedar Lake Winery

What a great little places nestled away in rural Warren county. I didn't even know it existed until about six months ago and didn't manage to get out to the place until Saturday night. It was simply lovely!
we started out with a wine tasting at the bar.....with our little tray of nibbles and a sample of 5-6 of their wines.

The setting was warm and cozy with a big fireplace that some people were sitting by. After the wine tasting we headed to a table and had some appetizers and a glass of wine slushie!
It was good fun with friends on a Saturday night. Right now they are only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but once warmer weather gets here they have more days! Looking forward to sitting on the patio in the spring!

Cards 19-20-21-22

(stamps, sharpies)

Card 19: I'm trying to use lots of different things to create cards...I mean afterall I am going to need 366 of them this year!  You can see I LOVE sharpies. I bought some other markers from the craft store and they were pricey....but I find in the end the sharpies are the best!!  I also have some Bic markers and they are good but not as good as sharpies!!

(sharpies, other markers)

Card 20:  Some days I need a quick and easy card...this was one of those days...but I also used it to explore some letter techniques....I'm not very good at lettering so I hope to improve that!

(paper doll cutouts, sharpies)

Card 21:  I found a site with a bunch of paperdolls. I forgot to save the link but it is a really neat site and these are printables to make paperdolls for your children. There are dolls from a lot of different countries. I printed these and shrunk them down so they would fit on the 3 x5 card. It's suppose to be a "joke card" but I'm not sure anyone really got the joke except me!

(collage pieces, sharpies in shades of pink)

Card 22:  this is one of my faves for January...I'm not sure why...I like the different shades of pink and I like the "uncover the rock star in you" collage pieces.  It speaks to 2012...for ME!!

I'm up to date on all my cards.... which I am really proud of...I'm not up to date on blogging them but I hate to overwhelm Ginger's Journey with the "Index Card a Day" challenge. There are so many things in my life right now that are blog worthy! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

SoulCollage: The Princess Card

I am the one who loves pretty things.

I am the dreamer of dreams that end happily ever after.

I am the one who dreams of leaving the mundane for the magical.

I am the one who believes in the power of love.

I give you the desire to explore new things, the softness of beauty, and the caress of enchantment.

I give you the wonder of dreams and the goodness of life.

I give you the doorway.

I want you to soar, to recognize your beauty, to pamper yourself and to indulge in the riches of life.

You are a princess. Your riches are inside you.

Your soul, your spirit is more valuable than diamonds or rubies.

The measure of your worth is not in dollars and cents but in the essence of you!

Hold this knowledge and do not let the weary world rob your of your treasure.

A few years back I wanted to make soulcollage cards....I made the Princess Card above and wrote out my thoughts and I started two others but then the project got set aside. It's always been in the back of my mind. I love the whole concept. The whole intuitive part of the process. So I decided to get out my box of materials and start again and to share them here with the readers of Ginger's Journey. This is NOT my idea...if you search SoulCollage you will find sites, blogs, and instructors for the process. It was originally copyrighted by Seena Frost. On my blog I hope to just record my personal journey through the process. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Index Card a Day: 16-17-18

                                                    (cat collage piece, sharpies)

I'm always on the lookout for neat words, or little pictures that might work on the cards. I found this little cat in an old magazine. It reminded me of our cat Fritz who passed away in December 2011, so I decided to dedicate this card to him.

 (Cut outs, sharpies, staples)

 This day I had an eye doctor's appointment so I used the little reminder post card I received to clip out some pics for the card!   I was out of glue (I've went through FOUR gluesticks already!) so I used staples to attach them!

                                                                 (paint, sharpies)

A few days back when I was painting in my art journal...I painted a few cards so on "busy hectic" days I could have a bit of a jumpstart!  The blue on the card is paint...the rest is markers. I used four shades of pink. I wasn't very inspired so I just colored and defined shapes with the black sharpie. It actually turned out "ok."

With the cards..I have been trying to mix it up...themes, materials far I have used marker, paint, chalk, colored watercolor pencils, collage pics, gems, stamps, and desk drawer "junk". Some cards have drawn on ideas on my January list...

Other days the "idea list" just doesn't "speak to me." so then I do cards like my Fritz card or Ode to Purple etc. Not every card has a name but lots of times a title pops into my head while I am working on them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts About The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I read all three books about 8 or 9 months ago. The first book was ultimately the best and the third book ultimately the worst. The middle book: Catching Fire just sort of existed. Hard for it to stand on it's own without the prior book and solving nothing on it's own without the third book. I can't say I'm a BIG fan of the books but more about that later.

Why am I blogging about the books many months later? Well our minister likes to pick themes for his series of sermons and the current series is called The Hunger Games. Of course, there's lots of great comparisons there like "bread of life" and right and wrong and getting through tough situations. So his choice of theme made me start thinking about the series again. I'd tried to just forget them. The ending was so dissatifying for me that it sort of soured the whole series. I see now there's going to be a movie (of course). Will I watch it? Possibly so....perhaps hoping the movie rectifies what I see as some fatal flaws.


I'm not stuck on happy endings. I know life is not all about happy endings. Sometimes its about the lessons learned from unhappy endings. Yet the tragic ending of this series was disheartening to a level of being really distrubing. I've sort of blocked myself from thinking about why and what nerve it struck inside me until now. I'm not sure I can put it into words...but I'll try.

The whole series centers around Kat stepping up to enter the Hunger Games in place of her little sister, whom she loves dearly. In the end, the sister dies anyway. You might say this is true of life. And so it is. But woven into the books are a sense of justice and yet what we end up with is the biggest injustice of all. What is entangled in the books is a challenge to your idea about what is right and wrong and yet in the end you come away wondering which is which. Embedded in the book is a sense of despair and you end up with the same sense of despair at the end.

Oh I know there will be those that argue that Kat ends up with the "right guy" and that they still have children and continue life. And that the districts are no longer ruled by the Capitol and are becoming independent. Those things are true but they do little to pacify the sense of despair and lack of control. We all know life can change at a single moment. We all know that choices we make along the way can direct our lives. Some of those are outside our realm of control. Yet this series takes that idea and cuts to the bone.

I believe that light always trumps darkness. I believe good always triumphs over evil.  I'm not naive. I know that life has much darkness and much evil and both might reign for long periods of time but always contained within are elements of light and good...they are never snuffed out. Perhaps the author meant to weave this into the story and there are tiny slivers here and there. The bread sent in a time of need at great cost to people in the district. Yet the overpowering darkness of the books seem to cast shadows on even the good. 

I also believe in a higher power. I believe in God. I repect other people's beliefs about God because he may present himself to them in different ways, with different faces. This I don't know so I respect different beliefs.  This series is pretty devoid of God or any spiritual belief. Or perhaps buried in the despair I missed it. I do remember one part where it states something like that no one prays because they have learned that no one answers. (Those aren't the exact words but the feel that I got from what was written). How sad. Yet I know there are people in today's world that feel this way. To me a series with so much evil should have contained God in some way.

You don't have to agree, it's just what I believe. It's like another movie I watched called Case 39 where the girl is God in that movie can you have a demon without God? That's just not right. Evil without Good?

Perhaps what I find most disturbing is this..."are we headed there?". Not so much the idea of districts and hunger games but the sense of despair, the idea of darkness being the overwhelming presence in the world. Overall people are not kind now days nor are they overly generous. (I know that's a generalization, there are many good people and good things happening). BUT when will we reach the point where the despair is predominate? When will the world cycle into a time of darkness that seeps into all areas of life? When will people become so caught up in just surviving and taking care of themselves that humanity changes?

If the series is meant to be a commentary on social discord then perhaps the author hit the mark more than I give her credit for. Most classic literature does just that. Catcher in the Rye comes to mind. Yet this series does little to dispell the feeling of darkness and leaves one with an emboding sense of doom, and a pervasive sense of sadness even though the ending tries to wrap it up with Kat's family and the value of "remembering" the dead who fought the battle to provide a better life.

REMEMBER: These are my thoughts at this particular date and time. You don't have to agree with them. They just are what they are!

Index Card a Day 12-13-14-15

                                                 (paint, sharpie, collage pic cut apart)

Day 12 finds me revisisting the high speed chase!!  That's one of the great things about index can do several of one idea of topic...explore until your interest runs out!

                                            (mishaps, sharpie, gem squares, chalk)

Day 13 I wanted to start using up some mishaps from another project so I focused on my word for 2012: TREASURE....

                                                  (ink, stamps of dragonfly & fern, sharpie)

Day 14 was another departure from the January idea card. That's ok the idea card is really more for...I'm stuck....what am I going to do today situations. I decided to try and use some stamps because I have hundreds of them. So I chose the dragonfly (my totem animal) and created this little card. It's a quick and simple one....but some days you just don't have a lot of art time!

                                                         (paint, black sharpie)

Evan (5 years old) wanted to get in on the fun so for Day 15 I let him put some paint on the card for me. While he was doing it he said..."these can be snakes," and so I made snakes. In the middle of cold dreary January....we painted snakes!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Leather Journal

You might remember I mentioned picking up this little leather art journal. It's so adorable. It is 3 1/3 inches by 5 inches so not really big at all. I love it so much I am having anxiety because I want to buy a few more and I'm afraid they will sell out of them before I get back to Hobby Lobby. (ok, I'm a little CrAzY).

I love it so much I was having a hard time starting it because I didn't want to mar the perfect little thing! I was also unsure of how the pages would stand up to watercolor or markers because they are kind of thin.  Plus I wanted to pick something special to use it for and that thought just hadn't popped into my mind yet. I decided to try watercolor on the first page because it is slightly thicker. Then after painting it, it just sort of popped into my head....Soul Musings!

I've blogged Soul Musings and I'm actually writing a book called Soul Musings but I've never explored them in an art journal. Soul Musings are little spiritual thoughts about God, life, spirituality, the soul, life's meaning, etc.

Well one thing lead to another and I watercolor painted the back of that first page and added a little sheet of scrapbook paper to the opposite page so I could journal some thoughts easily. I'm not sure how the rest of the book will progress but I love the little journal so far. I think having a little book that one loves makes you more inclined to put some of your most creative thought into it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creating with Paint

I promised a post NOT about index cards...but this one is still art related so I owe you another one!  This is the art journal page I created using the two little sponge brushes I got for Christmas (they were in a set of different kinds of brushes,),,and so I thought....hmmmm....Let's try them out.

I dropped some paint on the page and used both sizes of the sponge brushes. As soon as the page started coming together..I knew what I would do with it....I call this page  "The Microsope of Life"  It was fun using the black sharpie to create bugs, germs, worms and other crazy little critters. Then I thought of how there is so much of life "unseen"...many times unsavory parts of life...hidden beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary days and people. The thoughts don't really go with the bright and lovely colors but at the same time...that is the way it is...bright faces, smiles, lives that seem perfect....often hide much more.

Index Card a Day 7-8-9-10-11 The Creative Journey

(watercolor paint, black sharpie)
As you can see I have ventured off my January List again...into a rainbow colored world!  I thought I was using sharpies way to I decided to use some watercolor....and then my mind went blank so I just doodled a little house and tada!  Again I have to remind myself that this isn't about great's about "messing around with materials and having fun!"

                                                             (sharpies and other markers)
Back to the list for card 8....and it's My Lucky Number....8. I tried to use the lines of the card to help make straight worked ok...but I am line challenged and I need to remind myself to keep a VERY steady hand!

                                                              (tea bag packet, sharpies)
Again...I ignored the list. I wanted to try something "different". I had intended to collage but found myself without collage materials when the muse I opened my desk drawer and decided to create "Art From My Desk Drawer". About the only glueable thing I could find was a tea bag packet. It actually turned out "ok." In fact, I sort of like it because it is a bit more artsy than my cards have been so far!!

                                                    (watercolor, black sharpie, collage eyes)

My "Ode to Purple Card". I decided to watercolor a few cards because I had the paints out and I figured I could do the water color part on like four cards and then use them for upcoming days. This one I decided to use only purple. I tried to create some swirls etc because I was reading on an "artsy" blog how you should do that and then "look" for things in the swirls and go from there. I could "see" some little flowers so I doodled those and then the whole "ode to purple" keep singing in my brain. So I knew if I did collage I would need some purple things. I have only recently started my collage files so I didn't have a BIG selection....but I did find the eyes and they worked. Again I like this card because it seems a little more "artsy" and less elementary schoolish. LOL

                                                               (watercolor, collage)
I was only going to share three cards per post but then I decided I was so close to having them all "caught up" that I might as well post the last one. I love this little card...because:

1. I love the little monkey. He's adorable. When I clipped him out of a magazine I knew he'd make a fun card!

2. I feel like my cards are evolving into something...I don't know...what...but they have "grown" in just 11 short days.

3. The card is ME...Live Hard....with 2012.  The heart makes that little statement "softer" so not live hard as being mean but live life fully!!  Have adventures....enjoy!

So all the cards are blogged...except of course todays....which I haven't done yet. I need to get up some other posts so this blog doesn't become ALL index  Later dear's a snow day so perhaps I'll blog a bit more...later!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Index Card a Day: Days 3, 4, 5, and 6

                                                            (index card, black sharpie)

For Day Three I didn't need the list either....I wanted to try a little cityscape. I had noticed these several times on different blog. This is my first try at isn't near as cute as some I've looked at but it's ok for a first one. I imagine I will be doddling lots more of these so I hope to imporve my technique!

                                                             (index card, black sharpie)

Day Four I used my focus list...and the Five Senses of Winter popped out at me. So I created the card using just black ink and a tiny smudge of brown sharpie!

                                                             (index card, black sharpie)

Snow Family is the theme for Day Five!!  Reminds me of being in elementary school and drawing little things like this. To me the index cards aren't about GREAT art...I'm really not all that talented in that area. the cards are about enjoying the creative process.

                                        (index card, collage words, highlighters, black sharpie)

Day Six....I decided I have been using the black ink and sharpies too much and I want to try to mix it up a bit. My idea was a collage but I just didn't have any good collage material I used the Reflections of Life cut out of a book. I also used high lighters and black sharpie. I'm not crazy about the lettering on the card...I needed a finer tip marker and the sharpies tip was a bit worn down!

I'm almost to day seven!! I'll do that card today which will mean I have made it through week one!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Index Card a Day (1 and 2)

So 2012 is here! So I started the Index Card a art challenge,,,,,create a little art everyday...on an index card...small, simple, doable...we aren't talking museum materpieces here...just a bit of fun and exploring with different kinds of art...

(Index card 3x5, sharpies)

I have a little list of topics I jotted down in case I needed inspiration. No rules about having to follow the prompts, there just there if I need an idea because I am drawing a blank. One is called New Beginnings....and so I created the above card on January 1st, 2012....a NEW year ahead...what will it bring!

(Index card 3x5, watercolor crayons, sharpies)
Day Two....I didn't need the list because I knew I wanted to create a card called High Speed Chase. When we went out on the first of January, we were right in the middle of a high speed chase, after dark with lights flashing, with one car going about 100 miles and hour and 12-15 police cars was a little scary when they started zipping around us...whew!  In fact this is such a fun little might see some more cards based on it. That's the great thing about the index can do several all on one topic...until you are really satisfied that you have "created" the mood/idea/etc that you want to.

I won't blog the cards every day because I doubt I can keep up...but I'll try to post every few days and include several cards in a post.  Of course, I will still continue to post other blog posts about happening, thoughts, poetry, etc.

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