Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cards 19-20-21-22

(stamps, sharpies)

Card 19: I'm trying to use lots of different things to create cards...I mean afterall I am going to need 366 of them this year!  You can see I LOVE sharpies. I bought some other markers from the craft store and they were pricey....but I find in the end the sharpies are the best!!  I also have some Bic markers and they are good but not as good as sharpies!!

(sharpies, other markers)

Card 20:  Some days I need a quick and easy card...this was one of those days...but I also used it to explore some letter techniques....I'm not very good at lettering so I hope to improve that!

(paper doll cutouts, sharpies)

Card 21:  I found a site with a bunch of paperdolls. I forgot to save the link but it is a really neat site and these are printables to make paperdolls for your children. There are dolls from a lot of different countries. I printed these and shrunk them down so they would fit on the 3 x5 card. It's suppose to be a "joke card" but I'm not sure anyone really got the joke except me!

(collage pieces, sharpies in shades of pink)

Card 22:  this is one of my faves for January...I'm not sure why...I like the different shades of pink and I like the "uncover the rock star in you" collage pieces.  It speaks to 2012...for ME!!

I'm up to date on all my cards.... which I am really proud of...I'm not up to date on blogging them but I hate to overwhelm Ginger's Journey with the "Index Card a Day" challenge. There are so many things in my life right now that are blog worthy! 

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