Thursday, January 12, 2012

Creating with Paint

I promised a post NOT about index cards...but this one is still art related so I owe you another one!  This is the art journal page I created using the two little sponge brushes I got for Christmas (they were in a set of different kinds of brushes,),,and so I thought....hmmmm....Let's try them out.

I dropped some paint on the page and used both sizes of the sponge brushes. As soon as the page started coming together..I knew what I would do with it....I call this page  "The Microsope of Life"  It was fun using the black sharpie to create bugs, germs, worms and other crazy little critters. Then I thought of how there is so much of life "unseen"...many times unsavory parts of life...hidden beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary days and people. The thoughts don't really go with the bright and lovely colors but at the same time...that is the way it is...bright faces, smiles, lives that seem perfect....often hide much more.

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