Monday, January 2, 2012

Index Card a Day (1 and 2)

So 2012 is here! So I started the Index Card a art challenge,,,,,create a little art everyday...on an index card...small, simple, doable...we aren't talking museum materpieces here...just a bit of fun and exploring with different kinds of art...

(Index card 3x5, sharpies)

I have a little list of topics I jotted down in case I needed inspiration. No rules about having to follow the prompts, there just there if I need an idea because I am drawing a blank. One is called New Beginnings....and so I created the above card on January 1st, 2012....a NEW year ahead...what will it bring!

(Index card 3x5, watercolor crayons, sharpies)
Day Two....I didn't need the list because I knew I wanted to create a card called High Speed Chase. When we went out on the first of January, we were right in the middle of a high speed chase, after dark with lights flashing, with one car going about 100 miles and hour and 12-15 police cars was a little scary when they started zipping around us...whew!  In fact this is such a fun little might see some more cards based on it. That's the great thing about the index can do several all on one topic...until you are really satisfied that you have "created" the mood/idea/etc that you want to.

I won't blog the cards every day because I doubt I can keep up...but I'll try to post every few days and include several cards in a post.  Of course, I will still continue to post other blog posts about happening, thoughts, poetry, etc.

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