Monday, January 16, 2012

Index Card a Day 12-13-14-15

                                                 (paint, sharpie, collage pic cut apart)

Day 12 finds me revisisting the high speed chase!!  That's one of the great things about index can do several of one idea of topic...explore until your interest runs out!

                                            (mishaps, sharpie, gem squares, chalk)

Day 13 I wanted to start using up some mishaps from another project so I focused on my word for 2012: TREASURE....

                                                  (ink, stamps of dragonfly & fern, sharpie)

Day 14 was another departure from the January idea card. That's ok the idea card is really more for...I'm stuck....what am I going to do today situations. I decided to try and use some stamps because I have hundreds of them. So I chose the dragonfly (my totem animal) and created this little card. It's a quick and simple one....but some days you just don't have a lot of art time!

                                                         (paint, black sharpie)

Evan (5 years old) wanted to get in on the fun so for Day 15 I let him put some paint on the card for me. While he was doing it he said..."these can be snakes," and so I made snakes. In the middle of cold dreary January....we painted snakes!!

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