Sunday, January 22, 2012

Index Card a Day: 16-17-18

                                                    (cat collage piece, sharpies)

I'm always on the lookout for neat words, or little pictures that might work on the cards. I found this little cat in an old magazine. It reminded me of our cat Fritz who passed away in December 2011, so I decided to dedicate this card to him.

 (Cut outs, sharpies, staples)

 This day I had an eye doctor's appointment so I used the little reminder post card I received to clip out some pics for the card!   I was out of glue (I've went through FOUR gluesticks already!) so I used staples to attach them!

                                                                 (paint, sharpies)

A few days back when I was painting in my art journal...I painted a few cards so on "busy hectic" days I could have a bit of a jumpstart!  The blue on the card is paint...the rest is markers. I used four shades of pink. I wasn't very inspired so I just colored and defined shapes with the black sharpie. It actually turned out "ok."

With the cards..I have been trying to mix it up...themes, materials far I have used marker, paint, chalk, colored watercolor pencils, collage pics, gems, stamps, and desk drawer "junk". Some cards have drawn on ideas on my January list...

Other days the "idea list" just doesn't "speak to me." so then I do cards like my Fritz card or Ode to Purple etc. Not every card has a name but lots of times a title pops into my head while I am working on them.

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